Using This Blog

Hey there;
This blog is created primarily to discuss [as the name suggest] the ongoing Defence technology & warfare strategy. We know quiet clearly that the ongoing War on Terror starting from the 2001 & up till now has greatly changed our outlook of the present Global Village i.e THE WORLD. This blog discusses aside from contemporary & present warfare the pre-historic influence on the present day defence aspects. Technology & its application in the fabrication military machines is also discussed.
The blog labels must be clearly understood for utilising the full potential of this knowledge crest i.e DefenceDog Blog. 

The major labels & their respective description is as follows:

  • Vote a Poll: My favorite as it requires user input where he/she expressed opinion over a respective topic. Stats of each poll can be viewed also.
  • InfoGraphics: 3D animation or flash drawing for insight illustrations & simulations
  • Documentary: Refers to the collection of videos or full length movies discussing history, war, politics, technology ....
  • Document: Refers to some magazine/journal clipping or a full fledge research paper on any defence related topic
  • Column: Specifically refers to an articled published in the some newspaper. Mostly concerns with analytical study
  • Conspiracy: Dubious & implicit documents, documentaries or columns. Beware what you read!!
  • MiddleEast: Topics/videos related to MiddleEast [most volatile] part of world
  • SouthEastAsia: Topics/videos related to Pakistan, India, China & Afghanistan
  • SovietUnion or Russia:  Topics/videos related to USSR presently Russia
  • Technology: Technical videos/documents about some weapon as smal as bullet as large as futuristic Space Ship
  • AirVehicle: Discusses warplanes & any flying vehicle
  • WaterVehicle: Discusses military HYDRO-machines
  • Armour & LandVehicle: Discusses tanks & related vehicles 
  • Missile: ICBM up to any short range missile or rocket
Why DefenceDog Blog is different:
  • I am an Engineer & not any news anchor!!
  • All documents are streaming [just like a YouTube Video]. No need to download them 
  • Videos & documentaries are streamed on 4shared & no 10min time limit [like on YouTube]; so lesser video fragments
  • Most of  the documents & stories are reviewed by DefenceDog [thats me]. One can observe highlight parts of respective document & may want to concentrate on bold/highlight parts alone. Time Saving!!
  • Inclusion of Polls in respective topics ables you to express your opinions without writing long statements or comments. No keyboard masters required!!
PS: If any feels of copyright infringement must contact me personally. Data published in this blog comes from the internet which don't have any boundaries; so plz use Contact Me to express your concerns.

Thanks & enjoy this Blog....