Russia's Biggest Question: Floating Airfields

Russia, perhaps will get a few carriers. In any case, the representatives of the United Shipbuilding Corporation have repeatedly asserted that the design of a new heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser must begin.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese “Badger” with the Soviet Genealogical

Air China adopted a new heavy bomber H-6K. This news may seem sensational and Russians enthusiastically followed the development of modern military aviation. After all, they know very well the origin of the aircraft.

H-6K is the latest in the series today, a modification of H-6 bomber - a licensed copy of our famous former Tu-16, created by Tupolev Design Bureau in the late 40s - early 50s.

Destroy The Ammunition But Intelligently!!

In the warehouses of industrial enterprises, and military bases, arsenals of the Russian Ministry of Defense (more than 150 objects) accumulated tens of millions of tons of ammunition. Many of them are written off, end of life cycle. Keeping these colossal reserves imposes a significant additional burden on the state budget.

Federal special-purpose program "Industrial utilization of weapons and military hardware in 2011-2015 and in 2020" will be approved by the Russian government until the end of November, and until 2012 the Defense Ministry had planned elimination of around 1.7 million tons of old rockets, bombs, shells and mines.”

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Was born in 1929 in Moscow.

He has graduated from Bauman MVTU and internal postgraduate study of MVTU.

Since 1954 he works in the GosNIIAS in which he took posts from engineer and senior staff scientist, up to the Chief of the Institute (1970). Since 2001 E. A. Fedosov – is the General Director of FGUP “GosNIIAS”.

E. A. Fedosov is a leading scientist in the field of control procedures for military aeronautical engineering. He has introduced a significant contribution to development and creation of military aviation of  the country, including arms with high-precision guidance, participated in development and creation of the first domestic rocket of “air-to-air” class - K-8 and consequent generations of rockets of this class, high-precision weapon with laser homing, cruise missiles of air and marine basing, control systems of arms of airplanes SU-24M, TU-22M, MIG-23, MIG-27, SU-17, MIG-29, SU-27, TU-95, TU-160 and MI-24 helicopter. He is the author and co-author of over 250 scientific publications, including 11 monographies, on the theory and control systems of arms, navigation and air traffic control.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ukraine’s Unknown Missile Adventures

The mystery of the missing nuclear warheads from Ukraine still has not been disclosed, but the fact of loss is recognized

Everyone knows that in 90 years, Ukraine has voluntarily given up all nuclear weapons and strategic missiles and strategic weapons of military aircraft. Kiev widely advertised these steps as the proof of the commitment of the young state of peace and disarmament. Less well known is that this failure was not entirely voluntary, and there was a fairly strong pressure of both the West and Russia. And it is very little known, about the nuclear arsenal Ukraine inherited from USSR.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flanker vs Eagle-Story of Aleksandr Kharchevskiy

There has been talk of mock combat between Su-27's and F-15's when a Su-27 and a Su-27UB made a goodwill visit to Langley AFB in the USA.

Depending on whose story you believe - the Russian's wiped the floor with the Americans (according to the Rusians) - or there was no mock combat - the Russians cheated and turned what was some formation flying into air combat and caught the F-15's off guard (according to the Americans).

I make no conclusions - I am just reporting what has been claimed

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Iran: Evil Intent or Bravely Defiant?


Today, I look at people’s perceptions of Iran. In recent days Iran has escalated tensions with the US – after capturing a dreaded drone, it is now demanding an end to spy-planes. Iran was never tackled in the same way as Iraq was, but with a 17-year long US trade embargo on Iran and no real diplomatic relations for 30 years – the two countries are clearly not friends. Earlier this year, US Secretary of State Clinton labeled Iran as “awful” in a speech about internet freedoms. My own country, Great Britain, has broken diplomat relations with Iran in recent weeks and speculation is flying wildly about an exchange between Iran and Israel. But do we think Iran is “Evil”?