Russia's Biggest Question: Floating Airfields

Russia, perhaps will get a few carriers. In any case, the representatives of the United Shipbuilding Corporation have repeatedly asserted that the design of a new heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser must begin.

Monday, February 28, 2011

How U.S. Exports Helped Fuel the South Asian Arms Race

By Gary Milhollin

India and Pakistan, fresh from testing nuclear devices, are poised to build missiles that could deliver the bomb deep into each other's territory. The United States deplores these developments, but along with other countries, stands guilty of supplying much of the necessary technology.

In fact, India's next generation of nuclear missiles will probably be designed with the help of American-made equipment.

U.S. officials say that in 1996, Digital Equipment Corp. shipped a supercomputer to the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, a key missile research site. Supercomputers are the most powerful tools known for designing nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. They can model the thrust of a rocket, calculate the heat and pressure on a warhead entering the Earth's atmosphere and simulate virtually every other force affecting a missile from launch to impact. Because of the billions of computations needed to solve these problems, a supercomputer's speed is invaluable for efficiently finding design solutions.

The DEC computer will come in handy at the Indian Institute of Science. The institute is on the British government's official list of organizations that procure goods and technology for India's missile programs. It develops India's most advanced rocket propellants, guidance systems and nose cones. Its wind tunnels and other equipment analyze rocket fuel combustion and flight performance. It has even been linked in published reports to India's new nuclear-capable missile called the "Sagarika," intended to be launched from submarines.

MORTAR Tactics in Open Terrain

Document discusses Mortar tactics with respect to  advancing enemy in open terrain. Document is aided by illustrations & is a basic information manual for a common military enthusiast.

Flowforming Mortar Cannon Barrels

Discusses Mortar Technical aspects & the advances in metallurgy employed in their manufacturing

Overview-Of-Nuclear-Facilities Iran, Israel And Turkey

Reviewed by DefenceDog

Secrets Of Iraq-Awakening

First Episode here:  Secrets Of Iraq-Insurgency

In this episode BBC unravels the civil fight for dominance in Iraq between the two militant parties Sunni & Shia Militia. The former backed by the Al-Qaeda & the latter armed & supported covertly by Iranian regime. Both parties besides attacking US & the allies are also interlocked in bloody battles of ideology & religious fanaticism. In either case the innocent civilians have to face the intimidation, slaughter & unprecedented carnage not at the hands of foreigners but from their own Iraqi regiments!!

Shia militia had now infiltrated virtually every domestic ministry & their inclusion in the civil Iraqi police had turned out to be a nightmare for the Sunni population of Iraq. Same too can be said about the Al-Qaeda backed Sunni insurgents who by now want to make Sunni populated areas of Anbar purified for Shia populates!!

British also had been defeated back in Basra when they reached a secret agreement with Shia militia to let them leave without being attacked in lieu of full control to Shia armed forces which in theory were called Iraqi Police. Thus, were abandoned the Iraqi populace by the very people who beforehand called themselves Liberators.

Awakening has now rendered some previously anti-American tribes rise against these religious shadowy cult & nationalist urge had been invented!! The rise of a nationalistic government under Maliki had sought a domestic war against the domestic insurgents.Thus was revealed a cutting-edge breakthrough with the neutralization of the likes of Shia & or Sunni militia by the very hands of patriotic Iraqi people. They had emerged as victorious & not the foreign forces of liberators.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pakistan Demands Data on C.I.A. Contractors


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan’s chief spy agency has demanded an accounting by the Central Intelligence Agency of all its contractors working in Pakistan, a fallout from the arrest last month of an American involved in surveillance of militant groups, a senior Pakistani intelligence official said Friday.

Angered that the American, Raymond A. Davis, worked as a contractor in Pakistan on covert C.I.A. operations without the knowledge of the Pakistanis, the spy agency estimated that there were “scores” more such contractors “working behind our backs,” said the official, who requested anonymity in order to speak candidly about a delicate matter between the two countries.

In a slight softening of the Pakistani stance since Mr. Davis’s arrest, the official said that the American and Pakistani intelligence agencies needed to continue cooperation, and that Pakistan was prepared to put the episode in the past if the C.I.A. stopped treating its Pakistani counterparts as inferior. “Treat us as allies, not as satellites,” said the official of the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI. “Respect, equality and trust are needed.”

Maxim Machine Gun 3D Model

Invented by Hiram S. Maxim in the U.S. in 1884, the Maxim Gun comprised the world's first automatic machine gun.
The Maxim Gun was water-cooled (via a jacket around the barrel which held approximately one gallon) and fed from fabric belts; the German version of the gun, the Maschinengewehr, utilised 250-round belts.  The whole was mounted on a sledge which, although heavy - 1914 machine guns weighed from 40-60kg - did enable the gun to be carried in the manner of a stretcher.  The Maxim was usually operator by a four to six man team.
In designing his machine gun, Hiram Maxim utilised a simple if ingenious concept. The gas produced by the explosion of the powder in each cartridge itself generated a recoil which served to continuously operate the gun's mechanism.  No external power was needed.  His initial design allowed for a theoretical rate of fire of up to 600 rounds per minute (half that number in practice).

Soviet Famous Weaponry Timeline [1941-45]

This is a 3D animation by most post popular Russian News Source namely Ria Novosti describing in a beautiful way the evolution of technology in Soviet sphere & how the resulting military machines helped the comrades in their War against Nazis. This timeline entails all the military aspects starting from personal infantry Rifles up to the giant Submarines!!

Tupolev Tu-95-142: Yefim Gordon

For insight comparisons this article must be read in conjunction with the progress of US B-52 bomber discussed here:

B-52 Stratofortress in Action

In this book the great Soviet author encompasses all the technical details regarding the most influential & feared Soviet Bomber during Cold War era. Before the advent of ICBMs this bomber was the ONLY carrying vehicle capable to cross the Atlantics & deliver nuclear warhead INTO the US territory. Containing many previously untold facts and shedding new light on the Tu-95's development history and service career, this book is certain to be extremely popular. Beautifully illustrated throughout with numerous photos from the latest exercises, as well as vivid pictures of nose art and unit insignia, this is not one to be missed by aviation enthusiasts, particularly those with an interest in contemporary Russian aviation.

Secrets Of Iraq-Insurgency

The Americans already had started Iraq invasion on a false pretext of WMDs presence. Further mistakes by the Bush government & US allies worsened the conditions & fuelled the concept of liberators NO oppressors YES!! The complex nature of Iraq as being divided into Shia/Sunni religious beliefs wasn’t  adequately evaluated by US which felt that by installing a Pro-West interim government atleast they would win the hearts of the majority Shias who were before governed & oppressed by Saddam Sunni regime. The insurgency that US so often neglected as minor disturbances caused by grains left from the Saddam’s regime proved to be a forceful threat to reckon with.
Further misjudgments by elite Allied officers interviewed in this documentary reveals how devastating the US forces invasion has proved not only to the Allied army but to civilians of Iraq as well. Deliberate attempts to cutoff medication supplies & Hospital routes by the US marines led to the collaboration of two different insurgencies [Shia/Sunni] against the common enemy US.
Lack of intelligence provided to marines led to the shooting of many innocent people, as is proclaimed by the acting commanders themselves plus the added notoriety gained by the actions rendered by BlackWater also eradicated any soft feelings in Iraqi people left for the invading forces.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Hitler’s revenge —Harlan Ullman

After September 11, the enemy to some, particularly on the US right wing, became ‘Islamo-fascism’, a vile term that managed to slander a great religion while likening Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda to Hitlerian evil
Over the past 70 years, who has generally exerted the greatest influence on how the US characterises its enemies? Ironically, the answer rests in why we were fully successful in only one major and lengthy war during that period and failed or stumbled in the others because of this flawed imaging process.
Why did we win World War II and succeed in its aftermath? First, Japan’s attack enraged and unified a nation deeply divided about stumbling into a world war. Second, we had allies. Third, we had a president entering his 9th year of office who was experienced and understood the stakes. Fourth, two vast oceans protected the US. Fifth, American industry was capable of producing the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’. Sixth, a policy of unconditional surrender meant the allies would have a free hand in the peace once the enemy was defeated. Seventh, we created the Marshall Plan. And, eighth, Adolph Hitler was the perfect villain. He remains so today. Hitler was a strutting, diabolical caricature of a real life monster from his close-cropped haircut to his Charlie Chaplin moustache and uniform. And what he did in murdering tens of millions of Russians, East Europeans and Jews was one of history’s greatest outrages and crimes.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Second Prototype of PAK FA Made Its First Flight

The second prototype of a promising fifth-generation fighter T-50 (PAK FA) made its maiden flight, according to Interfax . The plane took off from the runway of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association. The flight was successful. Fighter piloted by distinguished test pilot Sergei Bogdan Russia, in early 2010 flew the first prototype of the T-50.

Pakistan To Overtake Britain As World's 5th Largest Nuclear Power


Pakistan is on the verge of overtaking Britain as the world's fifth largest nuclear power at a time when the country faces an unprecedented threat from extremists. American intelligence agencies believe that Pakistan now has more than 100 deployed nuclear weapons, an increase of nearly 40 per cent in two years. It means that one of the countries considered the most unstable in the region is ahead of both Britain and, significantly arch-rival India, to own the fifth largest nuclear arsenal behind the United States, Russia, France and China.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MiG-29 Fulcrum Upgrades [2009 Onwards]

Reviewed by DefenceDog; originally posted by Austin MiG 29 Upgrades

Sukhoi Su-15 Flagon-Variant File

China Alarmed By Middle-East Protests

In a meeting with senior politicians, President Hu Jintao calls for 'a system of public opinion guidance on the Internet.' Analysts say the Mideast, Libya protests have shaken Beijing.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jinnah Creator of Pakistan by Henry Hector

Creator of Pakistan was the official biography of the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It proved popular, and from the year of its first publication in 1954, it was printed many times. For a full thirty years it was the only internationally acknowledged work on Mohammad Ali Jinnah. In this book, Bolitho has collected anecdotes and assessments from a large number of Jinnah's colleagues and acquaintances and has strung them together very skillfully upon an outline of the domestic events of Jinnah's life and of the great political events in which he played so dominant a part.

Learn About Grenade Launching

This includes three issues [documents]**

  • Rifling technique & technology: learn how the tanks & armour vehicles are made to throw projectiles
  • Recent catalogue of Russian Grenade Launchers
  • A western outlook upon Grenade Launching

** Anatomy of the projectile [because it varies a lot] will be discussed in a future issue

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jews & Porn Business

Now this is something reasonably hidden but still very awkward as to why the porn business flourishes worldwide while meanwhile any other business besides  Defence industry( thanks to the WOT ) is getting crippled?? In this document the author unveils a hidden Jewish cult meant to downplay the Christian religion using hideous methods of flesh, desire & money. The wealthy Jews had so covertly used the poverty stricken Eastern European Catholic girls for their lust & a road to become a billionaire!!

Raymond Davis A US Spy?

It seems that after all the ball is in Pakistan’s court!! I mean with the Davis being caught Red Handed one can easily observe how agitated the human rights whistle-makers are. Indeed they had changed disconformity with Pakistan to outright threating Pakistan of the dire consequences it can face, if the murderer of three civilians be not returned to US. Is this hypocrisy I will say yes after all what standards they had rendered against Aafia Siddiqui are not being entertained in Davis case point being who is American & who is…well anyone else...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

UCAVs or Cruise Missiles?

Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles, or UCAVs, are increasingly an important capability available to military commanders and, as they become more capable, they will be able to replace cruise missiles in many of their traditional roles. This article looks at some of the possible trends for both UCAVs and cruise missiles in order to predict if cruise missiles will be able to survive the competition.
Cruise missiles and UCAVs have a long heritage, both having predecessors that appeared during World War Two. The German V1 was an early example of a cruise missile and the American TDR-1 was an unmanned, remotely piloted aircraft
which was able to drop 2000lb bombs and torpedoes.
UCAVs do not have a long record of operational use. There were limited experiments during the 1970s, but the first operational ‘kill’ for a UCAV had to wait until November 2002, when an armed Predator UAV targeted a convoy of vehicles in Yemen.

Killer Subs In Pearl Harbor + 3D Model

During WWII, the Imperial Japanese Navy built and deployed hundreds of different submarines, but on the morning of December 7th, 1941, they debuted a particularly secret weapon—the Type A Ko-Hyoteki midget submarine. Five of these small subs furtively made their way toward Pearl Harbor with the mission to attack U.S. battleships from below. At a quarter the size of common fleet subs, the midgets were a technological marvel, far outperforming their western counterparts. In this interactive, explore a model of the Ko-Hyoteki deployed in the attack.

Best Kept Secrets of the Military

Not only the advancements regarding war machines made of metal also the marine animals are providing the Surveillance for the US army!!Here find confidential stories from the top secret files of the Pentagon: A nuclear bomb is lost off the East Coast! Could it suddenly wipe out an entire city? This bomb is still capable of a nuclear explosion, and it has never been recovered. Plus... earth shattering sky quakes rattle Los Angeles. Are they being caused by a top secret spy plane? We examine supersonic aircraft operating whose existence is not being acknowledged by the authorities. And, the government's classified doomsday plan revealed: The politicians will be safe, but what about your family? There are highly elaborate plans for the uppermost levels of the government, of course, and for you? You're on your own. Plus, new secret weapons for the twenty-first century soldier... Can technology outweigh paying top-dollar to the world's most lucrative industry? Secrets revealed on Discovery Channel's Best Kept Secrets!
Accompanied with various breakthroughs in the handheld electronics the military personnel when compared with WWII personnel are just playing game of hide & seek with their opponents!!
& further secrets till you watch documentary 4 urself

Smokers’ Corner: From Vietnam to Waziristan

Nadeem F. Paracha

A friend of mine recently told me a revealing little tale. To film a documentary, he had travelled up north into a tense battle zone where the Pakistan Army is fighting a bloody war against extremists.
There he met a soldier who startled him by saying: “Sir, since you seem to be an educated man I can trust, let me tell you that all these extremists were made by us!” He then added: “We are told so many lies about whom we are fighting. But we know who these people are. These are the people we have been feeding, and now they have turned against us. They kill women and children!”
The soldier was not saying anything new. Because barring, of course, the usual set of so-called ‘patriots’ (the ghairat brigade) who are ever-willing to lie through their teeth just because they believe flying fibs serve the country’s interests, by now most Pakistanis know that the vicious enemy the people of Pakistan and its army are up against are very much a product of our own strategic follies and misplaced arrogance.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

BBC – How To Build A Nuclear Submarine

Fourteen years to design and build and costing around a billion pounds, nuclear submarine the Astute is one of the most technologically advanced and controversial machines in the world. For over a year the BBC filmed its construction inside one of the most secure and secret places in the country. The film features many of the workers including Erin Browne, a 19-year-old apprentice electrician who wires up the boat; Commander Paul Knight, responsible for the safety of the nuclear reactor; and Derek Parker, whose job involves moving massive pieces of the submarine that weigh hundreds of tons into position before the welding team join them together. Computer graphics go inside the construction of the submarine itself, giving a blueprint of the design, the life-support systems and weaponry. They also help to illustrate the areas that could not be filmed due to national security. The story takes a dramatic turn when an unforeseen event means the submarine has to sail into the open sea for the first time during one of the wettest and windiest weekends of the year.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Russian AESA Radar Will Compete F-22's

Originally posted by Austin

Hitlers Plan To Atom Bomb New York

Its fantastic simple is that. So much to learn about the not so often known by others!! I simply cannot resist such a mind blowing documentary about the 3 Ps who not only changed the view of mankind about the star war technology but USA is rather indebt to these German personnel in shaping their warplanes spacecrafts & nukes of the 21st century.
The thrill is that one of them hired by Egypt to destroy Israel by the nuclear technology of a German scientist. While the other two destined to destroy USA were rather opted to help it. And you must see the nuke prepared by the Hitler pounding radioactive dust upon Newyork but something restrained him
See for yourself then & share your views

SS Death Heads

In this documentary you will know some of the inner elites & services of german forces. Along with their ruthless adventure in central europe some keen interviews of the german infantry men who participated in the venture against Jews. Meantime victims & other witnesses of the mass killings make this documentary quiet informative.

Inside Area 51

Most exotic weapons never to be displayed to public by USA will be seen in this documentary. Along with many secrets about the origins of stealth technology will be unveiled. Most important of all will be the acquirement of soviet MiGs by US pilots termed as RedHats. Area 51 which was long denied to be nothing but a dramatization somehow got attention in Clinton era & how he dealt with it will be seen here. Change in location of area 51 from Nevada to Colorado & the influencing parameters will be discussed. Much twist when an Hollywood director of THE INDEPENADANCE DAY wanted access to this area; was dealt with

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

NOVA AstroSpies

This is some sort of a new information leaking through the soviet regime into the historians log book & it tells much more about the star wars going through the Cold war era. Both sides USA & the Soviets trying to beat eachother not on civilian space breakthroughs but purely on defensive grounds!!
The MOL & ALMAZ projects are covered in great detail. With the integration of Cannons in space shuttles boths sides not only were spying on eachother from miles away but also protecting their space warships.
Millions remember the countdowns, launchings, splashdowns, and parades as the U.S. raced the USSR to the moon in the 1960s. But few know that both countries also ran parallel space programs, whose covert goal was to launch military astronauts on spying missions. In this program, NOVA delves into the untold story of this top-secret space race, which might easily have turned into a shooting war in orbit. 

An early photo of the first MOL crew, the "Magnificent Seven". Maj. Robert Lawrence, the eighth member profiled here (see photo at right), joined MOL later as part of the third crew.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sri Lanka - China's Israel in Indian Ocean
Srilanka As China's Israel
I agree
I slightly agree
I don't agree


- In the international relations context, Chinese hegemony is spreading in the world as one reads this article. China will need an Israel type ally in South Asia and Sri Lanka is a perfect candidate!
The Western powers are making major mistakes in its dealings with Sri Lanka while China is making the best usage of it. In Sri Lanka, China had found a vital ally. Sri Lanka will become an important point in the future East- West power struggles. The major mistake that the Western world committed was to allow the vicious Tamil Diaspora to infiltrate into the Western societies. Furthermore, many Western European politicians fell for the innumerable wealth of Tamil Diaspora thus endangering the proper interests of these respective countries.

Sri Lankan war will see its end this year whether the West likes it or not. The Western leverage against Sri Lanka is at minimum with the great backing China is providing Sri Lanka. The Chinese support to Sri Lanka comes both in international, economic and military aspects. Internationally, China is backing Sri Lanka at United Nations at all costs. Economically, Chinese injects necessary financial resources to keep the Sri Lankan economy running while slowing getting a firm grip and a control of it. Finally, Chinese military support to Sri Lanka is well known.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

In search of the Jews of Karachi

In search of the Jews of Karachi – The Express Tribune

In the heart of Karachi, amidst the sounds of traffic and the ever-present smog, one can hear shouts of bus conductors calling out “Tower, Tower!”

The object of their affection is the 19th century Merewether Tower on II Chundrigar Road, dwarfed now by tall buildings in the city’s busy financial area, but still unique due to its design. In the middle of the tower is an engraved Star of David, set in stone. Some upholder of religion has thoughtfully spray painted Yahoodi (Jew) on the tower, perhaps to mark it for demolition in the future.

During the British Raj, there was a small but vibrant Jewish community in Karachi, which was renowned even then for being a multi-ethnic city. One member of the Jewish community, Abraham Reuben, was even elected to the post of councilor of the Karachi city corporation, the forerunner of the KMC, in 1919. Many members of the community left after the founding of Israel and more left after the Arab-Israeli wars led to increased anti-Jewish feeling in Pakistan. Of those who remained, many succumbed to old age and disease, but urban legend has it that a few still live on in deliberate obscurity. And those who died here have left their mark on the land.

Walking into the Jewish cemetery in Mewa Shah, Karachi, one is greeted by a family sitting on a charpoy, soaking in the sun. “Is this the Jewish graveyard?” I ask. A young boy lisps back, “This is the Israeli graveyard”. To him, the meanings of Jewish and Israeli are interchangeable.

Vals Im Bashir [2008; Eng Subtitle]

Being Human Do You Feel Sorry For Palestinians
Slightly Yes
Slightly No


One night at a bar, an old friend tells director Ari about a recurring nightmare in which he is chased by 26 vicious dogs. Every night, the same number of beasts. The two men conclude that there's a connection to their Israeli Army mission in the first Lebanon War of the early eighties. Ari is surprised that he can't remember a thing anymore about that period of his life. Intrigued by this riddle, he decides to meet and interview old friends and comrades around the world. He needs to discover the truth about that time and about himself. As Ari delves deeper and deeper into the mystery, his memory begins to creep up in surreal images.

[3 Parts] streaming

Friday, February 11, 2011

B-52 Stratofortress in Action

The B-52 has been flying and in service since 1954. Only 744 were built, but they have captured the imagination of all aviation fans. Nicknamed "BUFF" Big, Ugly, Fat, Fellow" (polite version), Boeing first built this bomber to carry nuclear bombs against the Soviet Union. Many updates occured over the years and the B-52 gained infamy during the Vietnam war where it was modified to carry 70,000 lbs of bombs (that would take 17 WW2 B-17's to carry that payload).

This In Action book was published in 1992, so it just got in a few paragraphs of the First Gulf war. But that's not really a problem, since all models from A through H are captured in this book.

58 pages with line drawings, B&W photos, excellent captions, 2 pages of color diagrams for modelers and enough narrative to give a good history of Boeing's B-52. All aspects of the plane are covered in detail - weapons carried, modifications made over the years. An excellent book for the price, highly recommended.

B-52 Stratofortress in Action

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Su 35S Flanker March 2010

The best agile plane ever built

DT Su 35S Flanker March 2010

MiG-29 Upgrades

Taming the old bird!!

MiG 29 Upgrades

Hidden Wars of Desert Storm [year 2000]

What was made Saddam back in the days of desert storm to attack Kuwait; was it oil or USA assurance in helping him out secretly?
Did USA show false satellite images to Saudis & media of Iraqi tanks approaching Saudi Arabia? Were the troops counted lakhs as USA claimed or were a mere above 1000? Did USA wanted eagerly for Saddam to attack Kuwait for them to approach it with a adulterated intention of freeing it??

To get an answer all these questions do take 45min break to see the following documentary

[3 parts]

Use HJsplit to join these files
be downloaded at

Pak-FA [T-50] Latest updates

Pak-FA Latest updates includes the following items that really intrigue me.
  • Development of a versatile satellite guided missile missile ~KH-38
  • Introduction of 'quick-bay' concept for storing short-range air-to-air missile ~R73 & the likes of R60
  • Surprised by no rear-mounted radar plan in the coming T-50 planes
  • Static-instability enhanced for maneuvering even in supersonic flights
  • Completely saw-toothed bottoms & gear bays
  • TVC movement only vertical but still tuned (in a way) to vector thrust in 360 degree (do read about this!!)
PAK FA Air International

Sukhoi S-37 and Mikoyan MFI: Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter Demonstrators

Conceived in the early 1980s to ease the threat posed by the American ATF program, these fighters were developed as the Soviet Union's fifth-generation fighters. This book gives a detailed account of how Russia's two leading fighter aircraft designers competed for the order and how a third contender never made it to the hardware stage. It deals with the way these aircraft were conceived, designed, built, and flown.

Yefim Gordon discussed both the project history, prototypes, technical details (From Fuselage, Landing gear, control System... etc, basically everything), and a little bit about Russian's next-generation fighter's prospect and how US fighter projects affects Russian.In sum, it's a good book. However, my friend (who is a die-hard fan of Russian aviation) told me that if you are already familiar with these two projects, you won't get anything new out of it except nice pictures. Personally I am very satisfied because I need a reference like this. So whether this book is for you will depend on how will you know Russian fighter projects.

RedStar1 - Sukhoi S-37 and Mikoyan MFI - Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter Demonstrators

ITP TVC & EuroFighter

Document discusses what is TVC [Thrust Vector Control]; how it increases the potency & lethality of the coming warplanes & how it's effectively achieved in Eurofighter [EF-2000].
Included are the detailed infographics & computer simulations to identify & enhance the role of TVC in not only the warplanes but also in the missile technology.

ITP TVC & EuroFighter

Scientific American Online Issue 01 2002 - The Science of War-Weapons

This issue is all about defence technology & their impact.

This issue consists following items

Recent reconstructions and computer simulations reveal the operating principles of
the most powerful weapon of its time.

BLACK MARKET WEAPONS Third World Submarines
The proliferation of submarines may be a threat to established navies and regional stability,
but to arms manufacturers it is a market opportunity.

HIDDEN WEAPONS The Horror of Land Mines
Land mines kill or maim more than 15,000 people each year. Most victims are innocent civilians.
Many are children. Still, mines are planted by the thousands every day.

BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS The Specter of Biological Weapons
States and terrorists alike have shown a growing interest in germ warfare.
More stringent arms-control efforts are needed to discourage attacks.

NON-LETHAL WEAPONS Fighting Future Wars
U.S. military planners hope to rely on improved versions of the technologies tested in the
Gulf War to help fight the next Saddam Hussein. They may be preparing for the wrong conflict.

...& mine most favourite part

SWIFT SUBSEA WEAPONS Warp Drive Underwater
Traveling inside drag-cutting bubbles, secret torpedoes and other subsea naval systems
can move hundreds of miles per hour.

House of Saud

In the House of Saud the treachery of the royal family is exhibited in the finest details; their comforts & extravagance that not not only made them unpopular worldwide but also the religious scholars no longer remained PURE in their ethical sense. The usage of religion as a political tool & the Islamic wannabes trying to remain in the political cycle had much adverse affects on many social aspects especially regarding females. The whole 2hr documentary revolves around the principle long acknowledged true b/w Sauds & USA namely "Oil 4 Security"

Iran Is Not The Problem

Whenever you look at the international news section only one name confronts you that is Iran. Now, is Iran a great problem & threat to anyones security Y~N? Does Iran really want to have a pile of nuclear arsenal to crumble the two nations namely Saudi & or Israel?
Is Hamas supported by CIA or the Iran supplies it the weapon? If USA favours democracy over dictatorship why in God's name it doesnt support the two pure democratic regimes in Middle-East namely Iran & Palestine? Is Iran is overconfident or the USA make Iran feel in that way intentionally?
To have an answer to all these questions do remember to see that whole documentary 'Iran Is Not The Problem'

U-Boat 3CD Set

This series consists of three parts namely
  • Sea Wolves
  • Attack America
  • & lastly Iron coffins
This is the most comprehensive documentary relating to the inauguration upto the dismissal & defeat of You-Boats at Atlantics.
Insides of various U-Boat crew men make this documentary a must see!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rise & Fall of the Russian Oligarchs

Below are three parts of a documentary titled "The Rise and Fall of the Russian Oligarchs" produced by the program Human Edge for Canadian television. The documentary vastly simplifies the Khodorkovsky case, and commits many of the common mistakes and misinterpretations of the facts seen elsewhere (for example, they seem to believe that there are no longer any powerful private businessmen in Russia). Much is lost when one tries to bring this story of contemporary Russia to a broad audience, and anyone who reads this blog probably already knows much more than is shown here. Although it is a significantly flawed doc, it's worth checking out for some terrific archival footage. See the beginning of the third part for a strikingly different image of Vladimir Putin in his first campaign (videos after the jump).

BBC Nuclear Secrets [5 episodes ]

Nuclear Secrets, aka Spies, Lies and the Superbomb, is a 2007 BBC Television docudrama series which looks at the race for nuclear supremacy from the Manhattan Project through to the Pakistani nuclear weapons.
Full 5 episodes streaming

The Soviet Story

The film tells the story of the Soviet regime.
- The Great Famine in Ukraine (1932/33)
- The Katyn massacre (1940)
- The SS-KGB partnership [in the late 1930s the KGB was called NKVD, more info>]
- Soviet mass deportations
- Medical experiments in the GULAG.
These are just a few of the subjects covered in the film.
“The Soviet Story” also discusses the impact of the Soviet legacy on modern day Europe. Listen to experts and European MPs discussing the implications of a selective attitude towards mass murder; and meet a woman describing the burial of her new born son in a GULAG concentration camp.
The Soviet Story is a story of pain, injustice and “realpolitik”.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engines That Came In From The Cold

The Engines That Came In From The Cold told the amazing story behind the use of Russian-designed rocket engines in the next generation of US space launchers. The engines harness a technology that Americans thought to be beyond the capabilities of modern engineering - but which had in fact been mastered by the Russians 30 years ago.  Russias lead in rocket technology came largely thanks to the work of one man - Sergei Korolev, Russias most senior rocket scientist. His approach to rocket design was to  try it and see, using test flights to answer important design questions. Failures were common, but Korolevs team always learned something from them.

Their greatest challenge in the 1960s was to beat the Americans in the race to land humans on the Moon. The launcher would be a giant new rocket, the N-1. But there were no engines powerful enough to do the job. Korolevs solution was to commission a radical new design of rocket engine - not from any of Russias foremost engine designers, but from Nikolai Kuznetsov, the designer of the jet engines used for long-range Soviet bombers. The solution they came up with was to use lots of small engines rather than a single large one.  The challenge was to create a powerful, compact and efficient liquid-fuelled rocket engine. To do it, Kuznetsov and his team would have to crack a problem that had always been avoided as too difficult and dangerous. Instead of the normal procedure of venting the exhaust gases from the pre-burners that powered the fuel compressors, they would have to find a way of channelling them into the main chamber as part of the combustion mixture.  If it could be done, it would boost the lifting power of the engine by 25 percent. What they came up with was the compact NK-15, which was both original and elegant.  The Cosmodrome   But before Kuznetsovs engines could be tested in action on the N-1, Korolev died. It was only three years later, in February 1969, that the N-1-NK-15 combination finally had its first test flight. It ended in failure when the rocket exploded 40 kilometres from the launch site.