Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Algeria Alarmed at Israeli Systems in its Sukhoi Su-30MKAs

Algeria is demanding an explanation from Russia for the high-level of Israeli avionics in its 1st aircraft, delivered in 2007. The AAF is alarmed that the main mission computer, the nerve centre of the Su-30MKA has been heavily influenced by Israeli technologies & interfaces into an Israel aerospace industries Elta EL/M-8222 EW system & Elbit Systems SU967 HUD.

Real concerns have been raised that the new generation flanker's avionics could become a target of cyber warfare from the Jewish state in the event of hostilities. Algeria has no test or evaluation unit & took Russia's word that there was no Israeli equipment on the aircraft.
Unlike the Su-30MKM delivered to the Royal Malaysian Air Force, Algeria did not customize their Su-30MKAs to their own specifications, preferring to opt for the Su-30MKI systems that include French, Israeli, Russian & Indian avionics.
There are far-reaching consequences with this discovery, because Algeria is now raising questions about the level of Israeli systems integrated into its newly purchased satellite systems, acquired from Istrium & also many other of its military systems.
Algeria already has a track record of withdrawing from use platforms with Israeli equipment & then abandoning further dealings with the relevant manufacturer. 2 VIP Eurocopter EC225 helicopters, "7T-WVA" & "7T-WVB" were retired, some 4 years after receiving them, when they were discovered to have Elbit avionics. They are now up for sale.
The MiG-29 fiasco in may 2007 resulted in Algeria returning to Russia 15 jets & subsequently canceling the deal, claiming they were of inferior quality. The 2 countries settled their differences & a deal for 28 Su-30MKAs was agreed instead. With deliveries between 2007 & 2009.
Against this background, the future is unclear for the Su-30MKA & other Russian deals with Algeria, including the 16 Yakovlev Yak-130. If Algeria decides to cut off ties with Russia over this latest issue, the Russian air force could face major repercussions in its re-equipment plans, as much of the financing of this comes from export orders. Algeria could now start a new fighter competition for up to 60 aircraft - excluding Russian built machines.


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