Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Behemoth trained for Urban Scenario

Exhibited at Interpolitech 2011 exhibition Dmitry Sorokin tells the latest developments engineered for urban security needs. This automotive is based upon the famous Ural 4320 chassis. It is designed to maintain public order during mobs or massive public gatherings.

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Dmitry Sorokin said that the crew of the machine - 4 persons, weight - 18 tons (fully loaded with a tank of water - 21 m), the velocity of the vehicle - 80 km / h, fuel consumption - 50 liters. per 100 km., load capacity - up to 3.5 tons.

The vehicle is equipped with dozer equipment  for obstacle clearing blockages on the roads. Also the vehicle has water-shooting & grenade launching features. Water can be ‘fired’ up to 50m with a pressure of 10atms. Engine to shoot water at such distances with appropriate pressure is located at the center compartment of the vehicle. The engine can be started automatically from the cab, with the help of water jets which are scattered from the water jet set. Beside the fact that machine is capable “of shooting”  water, it can also automatically collect this water from different reservoirs and specially equipped wells.

Grenades can be guided using surveillance provided by close circuit television. Different grenades can be applied – light, sound, irritating and tear gas. Range of shooting grenades is 50m & coverage area 100x100m. Grenade shooting and guidance is controlled by special modulate also located in cab. Grenades can be launched singly or in a volley of four.

To protect personnel  filtration and exhaust installation is provided, which allows the crew to perform while remaining in the vehicle. Installation of air pumps, filters, protects against vapor and gas runs into the cabin while maintaining adequate oxygen level.

Also according to Dmitriy sorokina, automobile rear is equipped with crane-manipulator installation, the boom of which is 7.5 m maximum, and the minimum – 2.5 m. Installation is put into the working order with the aid of two people and serves strictly  for eliminating the obstructions on the roads, weight shifting thus providing free flow of transport.

Machine has partial armor – the 3rd degree of protection for the protection of the crew, which is arranged in the cab of automobile. All data from three video cameras, located around the vehicle, are fed to the monitors, located also in the cab. Actuating of bulldozer, water installations and guiding shooting of grenades is accomplished from the control panels. Besides this, the machine has sufficiently standard collection for similar type of automobiles – stationary loud-speaker device, radio communication equipment, flash beacons of dark-blue color.

“This machine is in service for 6 months only, though it is tested for various ranges at different sites. These are research-experimental models, of a unique kind. Experimental name of this armour is turtle”, summed up Dmitriy Sorokin.


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