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Sevmash: Russian Pride Of Ship-Building

"Information that Russia does not have stocks to build ships such as French helicopter carrier Mistral is untrue. At least Sevmash has such features, "- said the representative of the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise (Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region), Alexander Kholodov.

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President Dmitry Medvedev with the submarine Yuriy Dolgorukiy in the background

He. reminded that for thirty years Sevmash laid battleships of the project "Soviet Belorussia" with a full displacement of more than 60 thousand tons, while tonnage of amphibious assault ship "Mistral" - about 20 thousand tons. "The plant can handle any job," - added the Kholodov.

Sevmash representative also said that the sea trials of the modernized aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya"  for Indian Navy will be held in December. According to Kholodov, the amount of work on the former heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov" has been substantially increased. Originally planned to overhaul the takeoff deck, hangars, elevators, but then it turned out that needs to be replaced 100 percent of the cables.

"We unloaded everything from the ship, cleared the internal compartments, and there are over 3.5 thousand tasks. Replace the internal lining, welded new attachment for the cables. In fact, this is a new ship, "- said the representative of the Sevmash. He noted that the thickness of the metal was tested for internal ship walls, as well as the main metal of the pressure hull of aircraft carrier that is in contact with the marine environment. Metal has a good margin of safety. "We believe that this Indian ship will last a very long time", - said Kholodov.

It is expected that the acceptance test of "Vikramaditya" will be completed in 2012. "All the works are under control of Indian Navy. The company has 100 Indian observers to supervise the refit of all combat units, "- said the Kholodov. He said that part of the future aircraft carrier crew is trained in the naval schools of St. Petersburg. It is planned that in 2012 Indian sailors arrive at Sevmash.

The Indian news agency PTI informed that from India to Northern capital of Russia sent the first group of Indian officers and men - 152 people. They will serve to "Vikramaditya", and they must go through almost eight-month training covering theoretical and practical lessons. Total crew consists of 1,400 people, but because in the coming months will come to Russia to study an additional group of Indian seafarers.


Then Alexander Kholodov told about the status of the nuclear submarine of the new generation (Project 955 "Borey"): "By the beginning of navigation in the White Sea, all ships will be ready for testing Bulava. This is particularly true for submarine "Yuri Dolgoruky" and "Dmitry Donskoy". Commenting on a number of media reports that adopting a submarine project "Northwind" and the strategic missile "Bulava" may be delayed due to unavailability of missile, a spokesman Sevmash said: "We as shipbuilders do not see any problems."

On the stocks of the Northern Machine-Building Enterprise being built seriies of submarines of Project 955, the same type of "Yuri Dolgoruky": "Alexander Nevsky" and "Monomakh". It is also planned laying of a strategic submarine "Saint Nicholas." Missile will be adopted a three-stage solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile "Bulava" P30 3M30 (RSM-56 - for use in international treaties, SS-NX-30 - according to NATO classification). It can carry up to ten hypersonic maneuvering independently targetable nuclear units that can change the trajectory of the height and the rate and hit targets within a radius of 8000 kilometers. This will form the basis of ICBMs promising group of Russian strategic nuclear forces to the 2040-2045 period. Total state program under arms until 2017, plans to build eight ships of Project 955.

As for the heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TARKR, project 1144) "Admiral Nakhimov", which is under repair for 12 years, the design of its modernization, according to Kholodov Sevmash on the customer has not acted, "It doesn’t exist. But we expect, since the state armaments program 2020, states such thing exists! "

Reminding that TARKR is in Severodvinsk since 1999, Kholodov said: "Most importantly, we dumped it on the core. It was safe in terms of work. Potentially dangerous nuclear activities is not there. " And lamented the fact that the transfer of project documents is unreasonably prolonged. "Change of designers we can not afford. Well, or let us put such a problem - then we will develop this area, recruit people to get a license, etc. ", - said the representative of Sevmash.

It was reported earlier that the command of the Russian Navy to begin the comprehensive modernization of heavy nuclear missile cruiser. Question about recycling TARKR "Admiral Nakhimov", "Admiral Ushakov" and "Admiral Lazarev" (all four ships were built project in 1144, including "Peter the Great", which today carries out-combat). These powerful ships need the Russian Navy. They have no analogues in the world and return to the system date and equipped with modern weapons, will also replace outdated electronic equipment and installed a new computer. "Admiral Nakhimov" active phase of work on which will begin this year, will be transferred to the Pacific Fleet.Behind it will be the modernization of "Admiral Ushakov" and "Admiral Lazarev".

Northern Machine Building Enterprise "- Russia's largest shipbuilding complex, the only shipyard in the country, whose main task - the supply of nuclear submarines of the Russian Navy. Factory with an area of more than 300 hectares combines in its structure more than 100 units. Sevmash today employs 26 thousand people. The average salary in the enterprise - 23 thousand rubles.

According to the correspondents' military-industrial complex, "
ARMS-TASS news agencies and the Interfax-AVN


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