Wednesday, October 5, 2011

US-Pakistan: Reloaded

by Peter Topychkanov

First of all we can receive different signals from the United States and from Pakistan about their relations; we could hear that the United States is ready to stop financial assistance to Pakistan, first of all to military agencies of Pakistan, but at the same time the United States is not ready to stop deep cooperation with Pakistan on security issues.

It is impossible to believe that the United States can come to very risky policy toward Pakistan limiting cooperation, because as a result of this change the United States will lose control of the situation in this country, very important for the solution of the problem of Afghanistan and for the stability in the region.

We can see the game between the United States and Pakistan, and every side wants more benefits from this game and wants to use this game not only for developing relations with its partner, but also for benefits in the domestic policy. Now it is not a secret that the United States uses everything for drone attacks on the territory of Pakistan.

The United States cannot avoid development of relations, because it is impossible to solve the problem of Afghanistan without assistance from the Pakistani side.

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