Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Red Star in Orbit

Ironically the Soviet’s failure to make the bomb smaller, would ultimately give them the lead in the Space race

This is the story of the Russian Right Stuff. From the first rocket-powered gliders to the epic journey to Mars, this trilogy of films charts the triumphs and tragedies of the Soviet space programme.
Exclusively revealing the realities of the Soviet Space Programme, Windfall Films gained remarkable access to the real history of the cosmonauts. For the first time, they speak out about the hidden truth of these precarious missions something they had never dared do before.

Until recently, launches were only reported after the authorities were sure everything had gone according to plan. Near catastrophes and disasters were excluded from the history books.
Finally it was possible to talk about the lives lost and the mistakes made. Unreleased archive film was being . The mist of secrecy surrounding the aborted moon missions was beginning to lift. It was the perfect opportunity for Windfall to examine the mysteries and secrets of the Soviet space programme.

Three parts – 58 mins each
Part 1 – The invisible spaceman
Part 2 – The dark side of the Moon
Part 3 – The mission

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