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Destroy The Ammunition But Intelligently!!

In the warehouses of industrial enterprises, and military bases, arsenals of the Russian Ministry of Defense (more than 150 objects) accumulated tens of millions of tons of ammunition. Many of them are written off, end of life cycle. Keeping these colossal reserves imposes a significant additional burden on the state budget.

Federal special-purpose program "Industrial utilization of weapons and military hardware in 2011-2015 and in 2020" will be approved by the Russian government until the end of November, and until 2012 the Defense Ministry had planned elimination of around 1.7 million tons of old rockets, bombs, shells and mines.”

It is difficult, but necessary

Disposal of weapons, military equipment and ammunition - complex production process, which includes the measures, which ensure demilitarization, diversification and processing the models of those freed by weapons and military equipment for the purpose of a change in their ultimate purpose and further use for industrial and economic purposes, obtaining commodity production, raw material and materials. Significant expenditures thus are necessary.

Given the severity and extent of the problem it must be carefully tackled. All the more so as a result of the first federal target program (FTP), "Industrial utilization of weapons and military equipment (2005-2010)" domestic enterprises were created unique clean technology and industrial systems, allowing to utilize almost the entire range of available ammunition. All of this together, according to First Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Sukhorukov, will help solve one of the most important tasks of reforming the army and navy of Russia in accordance with national security requirements and capabilities of the economy.


Loading an AS14 (Kedge) missile into a pit for destruction

Designed by our military agency federal program - a comprehensive document. For this program to effectively work, the necessary consolidation of the authorities and leaders of industry, development of a unified scientific-technical policy, to identify ways and guidelines for disposal of the released material resources. However, the organization provides for recovery of individual components and assemblies that can be utilized  for use in munitions, which can still be stored and subsequently used.

What we get as a result of

One of the key problems in dealing with waste, according to the head of one of the departments of the Ministry of Defense Minister Sergei Vasiliev, is a need  of a rational strategy. It should meet together conflicting demands, including the country's defense and security, and to facilitate the socio-economic development of society, and economy of financial, human and material resources.

" In the case of disposal of weapons and military equipment the Defense Ministry is interested in getting comprehensive services"

Adopted in the program strategy includes industrial utilization of ammunition to produce secondary products in the form of explosives, propellants and scrap of ferrous, nonferrous and precious metals, suitable for manufacture of products for household purposes.

Methods of processing of ammunition for maximum profit are determined by the performers work on recycling. Russian Defense Ministry, not having its manufacturing capacity, acts as a comprehensive customer service for disposal of resultant waste, following procedures for implementing the resulting product.

The application of this strategy should provide an effective solution of problems of equipping the Armed Forces with modern ammunition, will restructure (reduce, improve) the existing stocks of ammunition and their components, free storage of excesses, improve the explosion and fire safety seats at the expense of bringing the storage capacity of regulatory parameters, organize update of the national reserve of ammunition and their components.

Background Documents

Disposal of ammunition and weapons and military equipment is based on a sound legal basis. You can not hand them over to civilian industrial enterprises which may fell into the hands of terrorists and criminals. This should concern the leaders of all ranks, as well as the suppression of corruption schemes and functioning mechanisms. That is why the legal framework is important literally every line of every letter. What is behind it?

Technology is

In recent years, on the instructions of Russian Industry and Trade held a number of research and development studies. As a result of these studies suggested a number of industry organizations, resource-explosive and environmentally sound recycling technologies, and how deep processing of secondary resources that have no analogues in world practice. The developed technology of utilization of weapons and ammunition are recognized as one of the best in Russia, the Russian government awarded prizes and recommended for implementation in industrial enterprises.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, in the course of the previous recycling program basically solved the problem by creating industrial potential, based on the following principles:

  • maximum use of existing specialized industrial enterprises, their production facilities and premises, infrastructure and skilled human resources;
  • regional elections, the establishment of production sites to reduce transportation costs of weapons and ammunition storage sites;
  • creation of fast-recovery systems, organized in a modular fashion;
  • processing of explosive materials in industrial explosives;
  • conservation corps and separate elements of weapons and ammunition, their re-certification for reuse.

In order to implement the chosen strategy of disposal of weapons and military equipment to date is to be created considerable scientific-technical and technological backlog, which provides an industrial-technological work at enterprises of the industry of munitions and special chemicals, as well as in the arsenals of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Who will win contests

To accelerate and improve the placement of jobs Russian Defense Ministry has developed a draft standard bidding documents, a model project of the state contract, to work out the mechanism of coordination of the initial (maximum) contract price, the bidding procedure for utilization of weapons and military equipment and public contracting.

Currently held by major trading nomenclatures subject to disposal. However, analysis of the first tenders for disposal of weapons and military equipment, especially ammunition, showed a low interest of potential executors.

The first auction did not confirm the existence of a competitive environment or show reluctance and unwillingness of companies to solve the problem of complex recycling. Today, therefore, continues to develop measures to enhance competition.

In addition, the Defense Ministry is currently engaged in the exploration and definition of the so-called single performers. But here, faced with low grounding materials, inflated price requests of enterprises. But the federal program requires stable workload enterprises and appropriate funding.

All have come to this market should take into account the increasing competition and stricter safety requirements of the work, environment, pricing policies, as well as ever-challenging task of recovery after relatively simple sample-to-use ammunition. Also consider an important aspect, as a lack of interest in the customer research for the sake of research.

Keep in mind, and steadily increase the proportion of the transport component, and other indirect costs in the price structure, as well as stricter requirements for consumer products recycling.

Each company individually, see these tasks difficult to achieve. Therefore, management believes that the military authorities, industrial companies would be appropriate to combine, for example, self-regulatory organizations.

To win the one with the best science, best technology, the ability to diversify their products to work with recycling, organized logistics. In the case of disposal of weapons and military equipment the Defense Ministry is interested in obtaining a comprehensive service. And the basic principles that guide the military department in the organization of recycling munitions remains unchanged - it is the priority of human life and health, and strict compliance with legal regulations in the field of safety and the environment.

Oleg Falichev


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