Friday, April 15, 2011

Weapons Races: Nuclear Submarine

The Race for the Nuclear Submarine From the very first nuclear powered sub, USS Nautilus to the latest nuclear attack sub, USS Virginia (representing the cutting edge of modern naval warfare); a race has ensued to develop a new kind of warship that would change naval warfare forever. Look at the way in which both the technology and the tactics of submarine warfare were adapted and developed during the Cold War, and how boats like the USS Virginia and the Russian Akula are today's most powerful and deadly naval units.
The documentary reveals that if there has been the presence of Soviet nuclear submarines [that have been called off duty due to faulty reactor designs] the Cuban Missile Crisis would have been a total different story with respect to  America. The video apart from exaggeration the 'uberness' of Western subs totally neglects the role of advance torpedoes that Russians have introduced namely  VA-111 Shkval also no mention of the ranges of Russian cruise missiles namely KH-55; Sunburn...on board Russian submarines has been mentioned which completely out-range any western counterpart!! Also the SLBMs in which Russian missile namely Sineva, Skiff completely out-range & out-power Western counterparts is also missing...


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