Saturday, April 28, 2012

Chinese Prototype For Electromagnetic Catapults For Aircraft Carriers

The designer of the system - Ma Weiming (马伟明),  graduated from Naval Engineering Institute in 1982; in 1996 received his doctorate at the University of Tsinghua. Known primarily as a specialist in electric power systems, and submarines. He is currently a professor at the Naval Engineering University of PLA.

Due to his achievements in 2001 he was elected a member of China Academy of Engineering Sciences. Recently, Central Military Commission of the PRC decided to award him for the successful development of an electromagnetic catapult for an aircraft carrier.

It is noted that the length of the catapult is more than 100 m, it is a linear motor with a complex system of energy supply and management. High-performance power storing and power conversion systems, allows it to launch an aircraft within 45 second. To disperse the heaviest aircraft carrier-based catapult must expend about 120 megajoules. The system of accumulation and energy storage has a capacity of 140 megajoules, or power of 3.1 MW, and including energy losses - up to 4 MW. Given the presence of four catapults on the ship, as well as other systems, the ship will require a source of energy up to 60 MW.

So, apparently, this is the indication that the future Chinese aircraft carrier may have a nuclear power plant.


The middle photo is of the US Emals system

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