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Islamic or Secular Armed Forces

Recently, the world's leading media has expressed serious concern at the increasingly growing flow of migrants from Muslim countries to the Western states, primarily European. And believers in Islam (Muslims), stand apart from the local non-Muslim population.

This trend is noted with alarm in many major European cities, which has resulted in complicated social division of people on national, and religious lines. This problem probably will soon rise to its full height in Russia, where already there exists ethnic problems.

Indeed the orientation of the big enough number of Muslims is the factor of the alienation of the citizens of one country from each other, undermines the potential of unity on the basis of the progressive principles of friendship between the believers in the different gods, and also between them and atheists.

A potential source of conflict

We all must realize that in Russia, diverse religious citizens live - a potential source of conflict, since every religious system as a result of its antagonistic content is (and remains) an unfriendly, if not openly hostile towards other religions. This relation is taking hypertrophied forms and can be extrapolated even to those associations, which are located out of this religious cult, for instance, in the troop units, the leaders among the soldiers are chosen according to the national and religious background.

It should be noted that already there exists "Guidelines for the Army officers working with the military-Muslims" (compiled by SA Grigoryan, SA Mel'kov, AN Perendzhiev. M., 2005, 102 pp.), prepared in cooperation with the Office of Educational and the Council of Muftis of Russia with the direct participation of Major-General A. Chechetenko and Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin. However, this booklet is useful except as a trial run, but can not qualify as a teaching aid. Indeed the proposals presented in it are antiscientific, since they are prepared by the specialists of religious organization.

This publication is aimed at strengthening the position of Islam in society and the Armed Forces, as well as the protection of religion from an impartial scientific analysis and criticism. That is in accordance with the requirements of brochures to educate personnel "based on religious beliefs of Muslim soldiers, in which each commander can use the positive material of the Islamic religion in order to improve the moral and psychological climate in a subordinate part."

It is well known that in all Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam can be found many calls for sacrifice and piety, and for violence and hatred, as well. In fact, any preacher is a hypocrite, being engaged in fraud, selecting "the circumstances" to mold their religious teachings accordingly.

Yes, the Koran chapters contain extensive reflections on the meaning and way of life of Muslims: warning against evil and focus on good deeds. While at the same time excite the hatred against the polytheists, requires cruelty towards them and intimidate terrible punishments of Allah. But time and the living conditions of people define their standards of morality. The establishment of Islam as the state ideology require no sentimentality, but the rigor and even cruelty, so typical of the Middle Ages. That is why the Qur'an can not be accused of inhuman focus as some authors insist. The sacred scriptures of other religions in this sense, are no less humane. Open, for example, the Bible, and there is God punishing thousands of His disobedient (Ex. 32, 35, Deut. 32, 42), advises Jews to rob the Egyptians (Ex. 3, 22), to revenge an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth (Ex. 21, 24), crush the infidels (Ex. 34, 13), etc.

Significant errors

Today we can say that many supporters of the idea of ​​a global Islamic world want to turn the Muslim communities living in non-Islamic states, into an instrument of Islamization of secular societies. In this regard, media technology hastens integration for diverse Muslim communities in the life of secularized countries.

By the trend of religious exclusivity, many peoples of the North Caucasus is now opposed to Russia itself. The idea of ​​pan-Caucasian unity, or "Caucasian House", highlights the particular mentality of mountain people. It should be noted: this is not a harmless trend manifested by the active introduction of the federal authorities, including law enforcement, the carriers of this ideology, which heavily undermines confidence in the government of the Russia.

The power structure in Russia did a good job of neutralizing the expansion of pre-emption, and Islamism. Suffice it to say that each year it prevented dozens of terrorist attacks and suppressed many of the nests of the armed Islamists. There is our undoubted success.

However, it is a significant drawback that we do not always know about the social and ideological origins that fuels contemporary forms of Islamic extremism, fundamentalism and terrorism. Without knowledge of these sources and their inspirational forces may cause significant errors. Allegedly:

  • these reaction conditions have nothing to do with the teachings of Islam and its high moral principles, as public opinion is convinced via liberal propaganda;
  • these inhumane actions are episodic manifestations of some "hooligan" elements, in fact, using Islam as a cover to pursue its ambitious goals;
  • the idea of ​​Islam doesn't create any anti-progressive trends and are in complete harmony with the interests of peace, progress and humanity;
  • the ideology of Islam as a whole can not be held liable for individual "malicious acts" which actually exists outside the premises of Islam

All modern Islamic theology inspire the world community, these ideas. In fact, beneath the surface, remains the goal of strengthening the position of Islam in the world.

Muslim extremism is fueling feelings of religious fanaticism, exclusiveness of Islam and the need for approval of its domination in the world. At the same time praises Quran as "Book of books", advocate a system of training young people in its philosophical foundations, instill ideas about the superiority of "Muslim civilization" and its separation from the rest of the world. Anti-social activities of Muslim extremism are diverse, but united they praise Islam as the supreme model of spiritual culture, corresponding to the interests of man and the world of humanity as a whole. And to achieve these goals, according to Muslim extremists, all means are good. Including terrorism, which merged with the religious motivation of Islam, claiming the ideal model of spiritual and philosophical ideals of humanity.

What can we do?

The results of the disclosure of terrorist attacks indicate that 90 percent of the individuals involved in their preparation and execution, are directly related to Islamist organizations.

Meanwhile, today its urgent to educate members of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, utilizing information and educational work to shape the defenders of the homeland including the scientific worldview, moral norms and principles of conduct. It is therefore particularly increasing important to form a moral and legal consciousness of the Muslim soldiers of Russia.

The whole system of education of the army and navy should be based on a scientific worldview where respect and tolerance for the feelings of believers must be excluded. Quality staunch defender of the Fatherland is possible only through secular world view, that is, soldier needs to perform their civic duties, regardless of his personal religious beliefs. This is because Russian society is multicultural and multireligious.

The major emphasis at the appropriate education of the personnel of the army and navy, and especially the Muslim soldiers of the Russian Federation, is the scientific study of the foundations of Islam.

Muslim theology is based on religious and idealistic outlook.. Therefore, a Muslim scholar (ulama) knows Islam in a narrowly-defined boundaries, preaching impractical Islam. And as the blind apologists always devoid of objective vision, insofar Muslim theology is limited and can not claim the role of Islamic science.

Theological works are intended for spiritual life and cannot be a source of moral and ethical education of the Russian soldier, who would be taken not as soldier but as a "servant of Allah." This religious position does not correspond to the principles of scientific pedagogy, oriented for the proper training of the current and future generations of soldiers.

Thus, in the army it is not worth being flattered by the theological Islamic propaganda, mentioning excellent epithets. One should remember that every religion bears in its content powerful ideological factors which may create reactionary circles against country's social and economic interests.

Sergey Ivaneev


By the way the Israelis (in Wars) attacked the Egyptians IT WAS during the Prayers. As in the Koran and the Bible the Struggle Against the Infidels is a Struggle not with People of Another religion, BUT a Struggle with the Most Sinister Manifestations of the Animal in MAN.

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