Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Compare T-90 with "Leopard" and "Abrams"

The modernization of T-72 tanks, spare parts, as well as the possibility of buying new weapons to discuss with the military departments of Belarus and India, leaders of the delegation of the Rosoboronexport State Corporation in the international exhibition of armaments MILEX-2011 in Minsk.t72z (1)

"Particularly interesting and useful for us to have meetings and talks with Minister of State for Defence MM Palamas India Raju and Defence Minister of Belarus Lieutenant-General Yuri Zhadobin who visited our exhibition", - said Director of Special Assignments FSUE Rosoboronexport Nicholas Dimidyuk. He said that the Belarusian minister and his deputy, it was about the quality of Russian weapons: "We showed them the T-90C, compared to the main indicators of combat effectiveness, Leopard , Leclerc and Abrams.And we said: Do yourself a conclusion. Can you really make Leopard favorite”.  According to him, the head of the Defense Ministry of Belarus is very interested in the modernization of the machine T-72 and SAM Tor-M2E. This question is they have matured. "We have informed our Belarusian partners that modernization can be layered, with the replacement engine, fire control system, springing caterpillars, installing a new fire suppression systems, replacing the barrel with the obligatory introduction of a new sight with the ability to upgrade the tank to fire guided missiles, etc. Choose to every taste. We are ready to offer any option, "- said Dimidyuk.

"With the Minister of State for Defence of India, we discussed the service and supply spare parts. Indian Defence Minister informed us that on 8 June, he and a large group of specialists will work on Motovilikha refineries in Perm. They are interested in a lightweight version of Smerch ... We have already completed the delivery of Whirlwind and removed all the comments," - noted the director of Special Assignments Rosoboronexport. He said that the Indian side raised the issue of creation in the territory of India with spare parts depots, to be able to get spare parts now, they said, requests take from 6 to 9 months. "Here, of course, they are cunning. Someone who, while in India we deliver within three to four months. Although the idea of ​​establishing a warehouse we support, too,” - said Nikolai Dimidyuk. - In Defense of India there is an intention to continue the modernization of the T-72, see the upgraded BMP-2 and lightweight Smerch, discuss issues related to aircraft equipment.


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