Saturday, June 4, 2011

U.S. Military Will Spray The Enemies By "Smart Dust"

U.S. Air Force want to get a tiny unmanned vehicles that can sneak up on an opponent and mark it with a special powder or slime.This will allow U.S. troops to discreetly monitor certain people and technology and, if necessary, to immediately destroy them with precision weapons.

The U.S. military issued a request for the development of miniature unmanned vehicles that could be applied covertly hypothetical "dust" on people and track them from a distance. The request indicated that this technology will be useful in a variety of situations: from the identification of its soldiers and civilians to monitor wildlife. But probably the main purpose is surveillance of terrorists and the opening of the underground terrorist networks.

Effective tracking of enemies at the Pentagon has a high priority. For example, the U.S. Navy signed a $450-million. contract with Blackbird Technologies to produce tiny beacons to track the location of the terrorists. Last year, the U.S. Department of Defense has allocated 210 million dollars in search of new advanced methods of setting markers for tracking and detecting the location of objects. The list of destinations this study surprisingly diverse. Voiced different ideas: from uniquely identifiable insect pheromones, to infrared devices that monitor people on the thermal fingerprint. Voxtel company in this project is developing tiny nanocrystals, which are invisible in the clear liquid, but perfectly visible in the night-vision goggles.

In 2007, representatives of special operations forces (SOCOM) has referred to the work in the field of technology "Perfume" and "dye" that could make the enemy visible in the distance. At the presentation military even demonstrated bioactive tag, which looks like a bruise on her arm. Air Force want to get a different technology - "smart dust", which is a cloud of tiny sensors, adhere to human skin or clothing. Unmanned should throw a dust cloud of tags, which emit an electromagnetic signal. It must develop a technology-rise "pollination" or small munitions to be accurately applied the dust of the purported object. For labeling best for miniature drones, electronic "insects", which are actively developed a number of American companies and research institutions with the participation of experts of the defense research agency DARPA.

At present, U.S. intelligence agencies are actively using beacons to track al-Qaida militants. Basically it is pulsed infrared beacons and tags. According to the commanders of the Taliban, the Americans handed out to local agents of mobile phones with special equipment to help direct fighters to launch Hellfire. It is unclear exactly what that means, perhaps it is a compact camouflaged infrared laser, which quietly enjoy the American agents gunner. The effectiveness of such work, according to the U.S. military is very high. With high-tech surveillance and the use of UAVs could cause substantial damage to the middle link of the Taliban commander's. This is the most active part of the Afghan insurgency, which plans operations and serves as a link between higher commanders and ordinary fighters.




Are you aware they're utilizing these technologies testing them on their own people, here in America, without our consent--terrorizing us with POGs? They are coming out of Ft Bragg Pope AFB NC, CIA Torture Rendition Airport in NC, Florida, and Maryland on up to NJ even in PA, CA, AZ -- all of the US with Gwen Towers, Satellites. I mean, how can a so called POG do this to their own defenseless people? Using smart dust dropping it on us even when we're in public driving. This is treasonous.

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