Monday, June 20, 2011

Cyberterrorism Is The Time

Authorities and intelligence agencies a number of post-Soviet states are seriously concerned about the influence of the Internet on politics. It is understandable, because in the North African countries in 2011, thanks to electronic technology achieved high degree of organization of protest actions, already dubbed Twitter Revolution (Revolutions using social networking twitter).

With regard to the heads of national anti-terrorism, they are reacting to cyber extremism recognize: the methods of confrontation with the new threat they are just beginning to be developed. Obvious problem of cyberterrorism out from under the control of law enforcement agencies of national and international institutions.

It is frustrating to know cyborg

Biofilm "Terminator" has long been demonstrated to hundreds of millions of viewers unhappy future of our planet, when intelligent machines, born to human genius are beyond the control of people and begin to mercilessly destroy the earthlings.

There are other cinematic options (in the film "Robocop" for example) create biorobot based on metal structure connected to the human brain. In this case biorobot is a positive character, as widely used in the fight against crime, is there to protect citizens' rights.

In the movie "I Robot" endowed with electronic intelligence arrangements only for the time served by the person. But once it turns out that specially designed and connected by a network to a single computer, the robots are able to get out of obedience. That is, by themselves cyborgs may be as useful to man, and dangerous.

In our opinion, the heads of special services and the scientific community of special interest is another creature of Hollywood, called "source code", recently published in the mass hire. It is the idea of ​​fighting terrorists in the short term, based on information developed super technology.

According to the scenario in the transatlantic superpower study embedded in the brain of the victim of the coming terrorist attack (8 minutes before the crime occurs) the consciousness of pre-selected person. It is an American military pilot who actually died in Afghanistan, part of the brain is still functioning. The purpose of this experiment is to collect information about extremist in order to prevent massive loss of any innocent people. After all, intelligence is information about the impending explosion of "dirty" bomb.

Probably, the protagonist of the film "Source code" can hardly be called a cyborg in the literal sense: he has his own mind, he alternated between the two bodies. And yet he - man-made SOMETHING, created by scientists to carry out a noble mission.

Internet helps, but to whom?

In the film, "Source Code" proposes a new, yet fantastic technology to counter terrorism through information space. It is not excluded that such technologies are already available or in development, and therefore the public should be prepared for them.


The idea in principle is not new, as in many modern movies are given the options of non-contact (not physical) effects on the human mind. Thus, the pattern of "Home" tells the story of how during artificially induced sleep can be programmed the human brain for certain follow-conscious (waking) actions.Along with the necessity of solving scientific problems arise here, and moral questions: who is the manipulator and for whose benefit?These scientific and ethical problems must be addressed now, otherwise the Russian security services permanently restrained from overseas.

Law enforcement officials are often associated with the possibility of successful attacks of the organizers to use the World Wide Web for making homemade bombs, training and coordination of their criminal actions. However, we believe that this is not the main problem. After all, intelligence agencies can at minimum cost to organize the tracking of objects of protection with the help of CCTV cameras, information from which will be available via the Internet to many people. Thus the secret services can not only monitor the situation on the most important enterprises and institutions, but also to monitor it. It would be nice still to this process was carried out in automatic mode.

In addition, fighters against terrorism is unlikely to achieve meaningful results only bans, as the right to information is basic to modern society. This right is secured by the Constitution, existing legislation is the cornerstone of the functioning of civil society.

Hymn of human consciousness

In the film, "Source Code" DOD is trying to use the Internet to counter terrorism is entirely different, with no prohibitions and restrictions on information. American scientists have relied on the ability of a human brain, and information space. That is a filmstrip creators of new technology and the protagonist outperform extremists because of its desire to stop the attacks and to mobilize for this purpose will the former military pilot.

But the authors of films are not limited to the war on terrorism. It turned out that the protagonist has gone far beyond the scientists and the military. He not only found and catch criminals, but also could save the girl, became indifferent to him during the many incarnations of the victim's body attack.

How ironic that the protagonist of his captive consciousness of the disfigured body in the body of another person and thereby created a completely new reality, in which the terrible terrorist act was not simple. In this new reality, he will certainly be happy because no one except him knows that he is now living in two bodies.

Consequently, the latest technology in the film gives people a truly unlimited possibilities of transferring the consciousness from one of homo sapiens to the head of a representative of the human race. I want to believe that terrorists will not be able to master this know-how than ever before.

Andrei Koshkin ,
Doctor of Political Sciences, professor, military expert of the Association of Political Scientists

Sergei Mel'kov ,
Doctor of Political Science, co-chair of the Association of Military Political Science


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