Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Kept Secrets of the Military

Not only the advancements regarding war machines made of metal also the marine animals are providing the Surveillance for the US army!!Here find confidential stories from the top secret files of the Pentagon: A nuclear bomb is lost off the East Coast! Could it suddenly wipe out an entire city? This bomb is still capable of a nuclear explosion, and it has never been recovered. Plus... earth shattering sky quakes rattle Los Angeles. Are they being caused by a top secret spy plane? We examine supersonic aircraft operating whose existence is not being acknowledged by the authorities. And, the government's classified doomsday plan revealed: The politicians will be safe, but what about your family? There are highly elaborate plans for the uppermost levels of the government, of course, and for you? You're on your own. Plus, new secret weapons for the twenty-first century soldier... Can technology outweigh paying top-dollar to the world's most lucrative industry? Secrets revealed on Discovery Channel's Best Kept Secrets!
Accompanied with various breakthroughs in the handheld electronics the military personnel when compared with WWII personnel are just playing game of hide & seek with their opponents!!
& further secrets till you watch documentary 4 urself
Screencaps here


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