Monday, February 28, 2011

Secrets Of Iraq-Awakening

First Episode here:  Secrets Of Iraq-Insurgency

In this episode BBC unravels the civil fight for dominance in Iraq between the two militant parties Sunni & Shia Militia. The former backed by the Al-Qaeda & the latter armed & supported covertly by Iranian regime. Both parties besides attacking US & the allies are also interlocked in bloody battles of ideology & religious fanaticism. In either case the innocent civilians have to face the intimidation, slaughter & unprecedented carnage not at the hands of foreigners but from their own Iraqi regiments!!

Shia militia had now infiltrated virtually every domestic ministry & their inclusion in the civil Iraqi police had turned out to be a nightmare for the Sunni population of Iraq. Same too can be said about the Al-Qaeda backed Sunni insurgents who by now want to make Sunni populated areas of Anbar purified for Shia populates!!

British also had been defeated back in Basra when they reached a secret agreement with Shia militia to let them leave without being attacked in lieu of full control to Shia armed forces which in theory were called Iraqi Police. Thus, were abandoned the Iraqi populace by the very people who beforehand called themselves Liberators.

Awakening has now rendered some previously anti-American tribes rise against these religious shadowy cult & nationalist urge had been invented!! The rise of a nationalistic government under Maliki had sought a domestic war against the domestic insurgents.Thus was revealed a cutting-edge breakthrough with the neutralization of the likes of Shia & or Sunni militia by the very hands of patriotic Iraqi people. They had emerged as victorious & not the foreign forces of liberators.

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