Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sukhoi S-37 and Mikoyan MFI: Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter Demonstrators

Conceived in the early 1980s to ease the threat posed by the American ATF program, these fighters were developed as the Soviet Union's fifth-generation fighters. This book gives a detailed account of how Russia's two leading fighter aircraft designers competed for the order and how a third contender never made it to the hardware stage. It deals with the way these aircraft were conceived, designed, built, and flown.

Yefim Gordon discussed both the project history, prototypes, technical details (From Fuselage, Landing gear, control System... etc, basically everything), and a little bit about Russian's next-generation fighter's prospect and how US fighter projects affects Russian.In sum, it's a good book. However, my friend (who is a die-hard fan of Russian aviation) told me that if you are already familiar with these two projects, you won't get anything new out of it except nice pictures. Personally I am very satisfied because I need a reference like this. So whether this book is for you will depend on how will you know Russian fighter projects.

RedStar1 - Sukhoi S-37 and Mikoyan MFI - Russian Fifth-Generation Fighter Demonstrators


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