Saturday, February 26, 2011

Secrets Of Iraq-Insurgency

The Americans already had started Iraq invasion on a false pretext of WMDs presence. Further mistakes by the Bush government & US allies worsened the conditions & fuelled the concept of liberators NO oppressors YES!! The complex nature of Iraq as being divided into Shia/Sunni religious beliefs wasn’t  adequately evaluated by US which felt that by installing a Pro-West interim government atleast they would win the hearts of the majority Shias who were before governed & oppressed by Saddam Sunni regime. The insurgency that US so often neglected as minor disturbances caused by grains left from the Saddam’s regime proved to be a forceful threat to reckon with.
Further misjudgments by elite Allied officers interviewed in this documentary reveals how devastating the US forces invasion has proved not only to the Allied army but to civilians of Iraq as well. Deliberate attempts to cutoff medication supplies & Hospital routes by the US marines led to the collaboration of two different insurgencies [Shia/Sunni] against the common enemy US.
Lack of intelligence provided to marines led to the shooting of many innocent people, as is proclaimed by the acting commanders themselves plus the added notoriety gained by the actions rendered by BlackWater also eradicated any soft feelings in Iraqi people left for the invading forces.

Documentary also reveals a striking difference in opinions with respect to Iraq invasion between US & British. British argued over the usage of negotiations while the US favoured a rather hawkish style to get the jobs done. It was also decided that  British soldiers be shifted to Afghanistan & not all together be evacuated from this never-ending War on Terror just to save some US face!!
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