Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lock 'N Load with R. Lee Ermey–13 Episodes

Viewers this is a season every weapon lover must see. The best part is that it contains 3D animations to let the viewers understand the basic working of each weapon, something that usually is missing in contemporary programs. Bit a little biased, in all of the programs Le Jeremy pays no equal homage to Russian or even European based weapons & in the episodes of Guns, Rocket & artillery this biased is much prominent; but what can you expect from a retired US army Colonel!!Green with envy

All videos are streaming from Megavideo:

Lee Ermey - 01x01 - Artillery.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x02 - Machine Guns.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x03 - Tanks.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x04 - Pistols.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x05 - Helicopters.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x06 - Armored Vehicles.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x07 - Shotguns.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x08 - Rockets.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x09 - Blades.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x10 - Ammo.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x11 - Rifles.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x12 - MG2.avi

Lee Ermey - 01x13 - Bunker Busters.avi

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