Thursday, September 8, 2011

Russian Aviation School

In the academic buildings of the former Air Force Engineering Academy named after Professor NE Zhukovsky (Moscow), located in the Petrovsky Park, began dismantling the equipment and to send them to Voronezh, where a single military training Air Force Research Center.

Investigation includes full-scale mock-ups of aircraft engines, onboard instruments and models of armament. Since September 1 training process in the territory of the former academy ceases. Already in 2007, the school does not recruit students for training.

In 2008, the Zhukovsky Academy was merged with the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin (Monino). The basis for developing military and air force training center, "Air Force Academy named after Prof. NE Zhukovsky, and Gagarin" (Moscow, town. Monino).

In recent years,  former "Zhukovka" transferred trained officers, students received from the troops, as well as students complete their education senior courses. The maximum number of soldiers and civil personnel of united VUZ (Institute of Higher Education) was determined to be 4614 people.. Then, in the formation of a new image of the Armed Forces decided to create one in Voronezh Military Training Research Center Air Force with two affiliates for the preparation of specialized professionals. In this regard, the existing aviation universities, including the Air Force Academy named after Prof. NE Zhukovsky, and Gagarin to be liquidated.

The history of Zhukovskiy rises from 1919, when on the initiative professor Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovskiy had founded Russia's first aviation school, purpose of which was the comprehensive theoretical and practical training of specialists for aeronautical engineering, motor construction and operation of aviation and motor- aviation plants. Already in 1920 Moscow aviation school was reorganized into the institute of the engineers of the red air fleet. In 1922 to VUZ is appropriated designation “academy of the air fleet N.E. Zhukovskiy”. 1923 is made the decision about its transfer into former Petrovskiy's building, which was renamed into the palace of red aviation. To the academy the large section of the earth around Petrovskiy, where constructed several training housings and hostels for the listeners and the instructors, was fixed.

Among the graduates “of Zhukova” - well-known design project leaders Sergey Il'yushin, Artem Mikoyan,Alexander Yakovlev, Nikolai Kuznetsov, Chief Air Marshals Constantine Vershinin and Pavel Zhigarev,eight Air Marshalls, 30 airman-cosmonauts, including the first cosmonaut of planet Yuri Gagarin, firstwoman- cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and the first person in the history, that left into open space,Aleksey Leonov.

109 graduates of academy were honored the Titles of Hero of the Soviet Union and Hero of Socialist Labor(of them 17 people twice), 200 became the laureates of Leninist and State Prizes. Still several years agoin the state “of Zhukova” worked more than 100 doctors even 400 Candidates of Sciences, are more than 80 professors, 130 docents and senior scientific workers, six laureates of State Prize, 18 Honored Scientists and Technologist RF.


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