Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Brazil Spoke About His Own Hypersonic Missile

Brazil has been developing its own version of a hypersonic flying vehicle capable of speeds in excess of six Mach numbers (6,9 thousand kilometers per hour), according to Flightglobal. Creating a missile with an index of 14-X started in 2006. The first flight of the Brazilian unit, equipped with a hypersonic ramjet engine, is scheduled for 2013. The new device is created as a technology demonstrator and, if tests are successful, based on it will develop new hypersonic missile.   Brazil spoke about his own hypersonic missile

According to the director program 14-X Major Folladora Roberto (Roberto Follador), based on 14-X, in particular, can be established unit, intended for putting the satellite into low orbit. Rocket of the 14-X has a height of two meters and maximum width 0.8 meters. According Folladora, the main advantages of hypersonic missiles are speed and load - a device capable of carrying payloads of up to 15 percent by weight of the rocket. In comparison, for conventional rockets, the figure is only five per cent. Increased load capacity in 14-X requires massive supply of oxygen, which should provide continuous and uniform combustion of fuel in the engine combustion chamber. Initially, the first flight of a Brazilian rocket planned for the period from 2010 to 2012, but was postponed to 2013. It is not excluded that the deadline for the first flight will be postponed again.

According to the plans of Brazil, during the first test, 14-X will be installed on a two-stage carrier rocket VSB-30. The first stage rocket engine S-31 provides overclocking up to speed of four Mach number, and then will initiate the second engine S-30. It will have to withdraw 14-X to a height of 30.4 thousand meters and accelerated to speeds above Mach number six. The first test flight of 14-X will include its Hypersonic engine.

During the first flight test will be checked Aerodynamics 14-X, and temperature readings within each of the missile engine. Test results of 14-X engines will be produced only after three trial runs on the booster.



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