Sunday, May 8, 2011

Modern Marvels: Bunkers

TitanII ICBM can be launched within two minutes by a crew of two operating deep In the bunker. A Soviet missile sent to destroy the bunker would  take 30minutes by that time 103ft TitanII would be thundering toward its Soviet target

From the earliest bunkers of WWI through the ultra-futuristic ones of tomorrow's wars, we trace the story of defensive fortifications. In the constant struggle to hold off ever more potent forms of attack, bunkers function in a variety of forms. Three mammoth block structures comprise a submarine bunker at Lorient, France, able to house 20 subs. We visit Churchill's Cabinet War Room and Hitler's Berlin bunker, as well as backyard Cold War bunkers and those that protect nuclear weapons themselves.

  • The Titan II Missile currently in the silo near Tuscon was disarmed, drilled with holes, and left above ground for one month to allow Soviet satellites to verify its decomission.
  • Winston Churchill's Cabinet War Rooms bunker had many gadgets, including one of the first electric cigar lighters.


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