Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Russian Army Waiting For A Fifth-generation ICBM

Defense Ministry decided on the development of a new heavy liquid ballistic missile, which should replace the world's most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), P-36M  (according to western classification SS-18 Mod.1, 2,3 Satan - "Satan" ).

This was reported by a former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces Viktor Esin. "Satan" - the foundation of our land group's strategic nuclear deterrent forces. Today on constant alert is 58 such missiles deployed on their 580 nuclear warheads.The machine is immune to electromagnetic pulse and can be started from the mine, even if a nuclear warhead explodes in proximity. It will break through any missile defense system and will deliver payload to the target, even in another hemisphere it has: 10 nuclear warheads (megaton class) each having individual guidance. This is quite enough to wipe out the city in one strike, and even the whole country. However, by 2020 practically all existing missiles will serve their period, and will have to change them. Therefore has accepted the solution to develop new ICBM..

Defense completes the negotiation with the producers of the future of intercontinental ballistic missile and tactical technical specifications have been developed with the term of completion of state testing and adoption in 2018 - said Viktor Esin. - Design office of the military-industrial complex was carried out search of scientific-research work, which is on a competitive basis has allowed to determine the shape of future ICBM. This will be a new intercontinental ballistic missile, the fifth generation, and not a clone of ICBM "Voivod".

The work will be the State Missile Center of Makeyev (Miass, Chelyabinsk region). Experts said the new missile, in particular, laid such new requirements, so that it can guarantee to overcome any missile defense system (including the cosmic shock train). " At the same time provided a deep and modernization of existing silo launchers of heavy ICBMs, which suggests their technological improvement, as well as a new qualitative level of fortification of protection with the creation of passive and active site-missile defense. This will make it possible the times to increase the vitality of silo launch installations from the action of enemy by both the conventional high-precision weapons and to nuclear.

As told Izvestia, a military-industrial complex, the choice Makeyev Design Bureau - the traditional developer sea ballistic missile strategic purpose - due to several factors. Chief among them - the company has experience building large liquid engines, capable of carrying a large payload, and also has a production plant in Krasnoyarsk, which now is one of the most successful Russian naval ballistic missiles RSM-54 "Blue". Complete work on new missile to be completed  by 2018.

On the other hand, it is puzzling that the development of this land-based ICBM is entrusted to Makeyev, a company having expertise in designing sea-based ICBMs (like Sineva); but such is also with the case of MIIT a company which primarily designed land-based ICBMs (like Topol-M) but equally had shown competency in designing submarine-based ICBM (like Bulava).. It is said that during the competition won NPO Mashinostroyenia. This company has traditionally worked to create intercontinental liquid propellant missiles. Its range of UR-100N is par with "Satan" & is the basis of groupings of strategic nuclear forces, thier proposals, radically reduce the price of the development of future missile.

Dmitry Litovkin


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