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Non Cost Victory (NCV)- Latest Generation of Weapons

by Edward Korshunov

Today the development of special weapons in the West has received much attention. Costs justify themselves!! For example, graphite bombs have been very effective to incapacitate power plants in Serbia. One NATO aircraft flying an average intensity was enough to knock out two-thirds power of the state.

By geophysical NCV are understood any means, with the aid of which it is possible to act for military purposes on the processes, which take place in the solid, liquid and gaseous shells (lithosphere,hydrosphere and the atmosphere) of our planet.

Active Denial System

Active Denial System Humvee.jpg

Panic on schedule

New kinds of special weapons permit to solve problems with less resources and minimal destruction of property and loss of population. Other Features: NCV is inherently has a strong psychological impact on people's behavior, even just in anticipation of their use. This inevitably leads to a sharp increase in stress load and panic. According to foreign experts, local conflicts and peacekeeping operations in special NCV should be used independently, and in the large-scale troop operations they can serve as the means of action both on the attacker and on the defended enemy together with the traditional weapons of destruction. Furthermore, they should be used for the incapacitation of the control posts, rear services installations and communications of enemy with conducting of special operations

Innovations in tactics and operational art has always lagged behind the innovations related to the means of armed struggle. The creation of new weapons has stimulated changes in the organization and conduct of combat operations troops.

Analyzing the history of confrontation, we can see that the strategy and tactics used at the start of armed conflict, have been tested to a greater or lesser extent during the previous wars.All significant changes were made after a comprehensive assessment of the effect of the use of NCV. And many of technical solutions were not used.

As an example, an artillery shell is a special unguided munitions, selectively acting on the man with the short duration of reversible effect of defeat. Impressive destructive factor is formed by the use of weapons in the surface layer of the atmosphere with the participation of the environment, the duration of the harmful effect caused by wind speed in the target area (temporary movement of the smoke cloud above it.

Another example - a cruise missile with a biological formulation on the basis of the causative agent of plague. This ammunition selectively acts on humans and some animals, often with the irreversible effects.

All these weapons are special, but hardly they can be considered novel as of today. From a technical point of view, these include those that are based on a well-known scientific principles…

Nowadays, a special NCV include laser, accelerator, microwave weapons, kinetic, nuclear new generation of infrasonic, geophysical, chemical, new generation, new generation of biological ...


Ammunition for the laser

Damaging effect of laser weapons (LW) is based on the use of high-energy (the average laser output - more than 20 kW), monochromatic (one fixed-wavelength), coherent (component vibrations come to this point in space in one phase) radiation in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared (optical laser) or X-ray range.

Interest in the development of LO is connected primarily with its properties, providing very promising samples. Among these advantages - a huge concentration of energy per unit area, almost instant defeat of the object, since the energy is transferred from the speed of light, or close to it. High monochromaticity and sharp directivity, causing fundamental possibility of achieving objectives with respect to weapon distances and selectivity of damage; which before were unattainable by other weapons.

The individual programs are are directed at developing  laser weapons for tactical purpose, which will incapacitate the opto-electronic devices and destroy unprotected bodies of troops, which are almost ideal target for such weapons.

In the U.S., active  work is going on to create a complex LW for strategic purpose. An example is the development of a Airborne Laser (ABL), designed to solve the offline military tasks: the detection, identification and defeat ballistic missiles in the active portion of the flight trajectory and intercept cruise missiles and enemy aircraft at ranges up to 400 kilometers. In addition, specialists are exploring the possibility of using complex ABL to solve a number of additional tasks, such as imaging intelligence and destruction of ground targets such as radar stations, antenna systems, tactical and operational-tactical missiles at launch sites. ABL is also used to protect strike aircrafts from its own managed aircraft and anti-aircraft missiles.

Research and constructive study of samples of sea-based LW has been carried out in the U.S. as part of Anti-Ship Missile Defense. Since the 1970s, the efforts of various research organizations and companies are focused on three main areas: the system of detection and identification purposes, the high-energy laser beam generator and the system of precision-guided laser beam on the target. In the United States there is growing interest in developing space-based LW as considered by U.S. military as an integral part of future missile defense systems and anti-control.


Radio beam against hypervelocity

Accelerator Arms (Particle beam weapons) include means to ensure the defeat of the objectives by aiming a beam of charged (electrons, protons) or neutral (hydrogen atoms) particles. In the contemporary concepts it is considered as a power energy for the defeat of objects (physical defeat). With the use of beams of high-energy particles (electron particle beam weapon) there is a possibility of a “soft” defeat of radio-electronic equipment (functional defeat).

Microwave weapon has destructive effect of which is based on the use of electromagnetic radiation at frequencies from 30 MHz to 300 GHz. Works devoted to the creation of the elements of microwave weapons are studying the mechanisms of action and the concept of its potential military applications in order to address strategic and tactical tasks to the following conclusions. U.S. military leadership considers four main areas of Microwave weapons in the fighting: defeat ballistic missile warheads land-and sea-based, incapacitate and destroy the spacecraft, the suppression of air defense troops and facilities, loss of personnel.

Under the influence of the military; two effects are researched for the defeat of  technical systems: the thermal lesion of electronic equipment due to the selection of high-frequency electromagnetic energy, as well as by additional pulsed interference voltages and currents.

The use of microwave weapons is quick (1-3 minutes) for the heating of body tissues. Effects on the central nervous system leads to violations of the human psyche, the inability to properly perceive the surrounding reality, auditory hallucinations, etc.

Kinetic energy weapons - a device for throwing a hypersonic bodies through the use of electromagnetic energy. Its prototypes not only are a new way of delivery to the target, but also provides a dramatic increase in projectile’s speed compared with traditional means. There energy mechanisms are extremely different from the conventional missile based interceptors. This gives grounds to consider the electromagnetic mass accelerator as a fundamentally new type of weapon. Currently, research is going on the development of fundamentally different kinds of guns on the basis of hypervelocity accelerator mass: electromagnetic, electrothermal, electrothermochemical and gas.

Nuclear weapons (NW) are third generation funds, which use the energy of a nuclear explosion to generate predominantly a single destructive factor. And it differs significantly from the corresponding parameters of the traditional nuclear weapons. That's why third-generation nuclear weapons could be attributed to a fundamentally new type.

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The concept of third-generation nuclear weapons envisages the creation of such munitions, whose exit non-core affecting factors would be insignificant and not had a significant impact on the environment, as well as technical and military systems that are not directly targeted objects

Currently, the most active working is on the creation of nuclear weapons and nuclear kinetic-microwave, X-ray nuclear-pumped lasers. Currently are being developed; nuclear weapons with an increased output of an electromagnetic pulse, as well as penetration into the ground ordnance.


The atmosphere at gunpoint

Infrasound is referred to as ordnance, lethality is based on the use of directional radiation of powerful infrasonic vibrations below 16 to 20 Hz. This effects entire human body.This may occur as direct losses (loss of limb mobility impairment, etc.) and psychotropic effects on central nervous system (disorientation, anxiety, panic, etc.).

Meteorological weapon - a means of direct and indirect impacts on the active atmosphere of the Earth to destroy, damage, or damage to objects or goods of military and national purpose.

Ozone weapon - a means for destroying the ozone layer, located in the stratosphere at altitudes of 10 to 50 kilometers. Here we can note two features. Not yet been found possible to deliver enormous amounts of catalysts for the local destruction of ozone damage to only the enemy, this weapon has zero impact and the global scale of the defeat. For this reason it is futile. On the other hand, it already exists as a profound destruction of ozone layer is possible with an existing or modified nuclear weapons.

Chemical weapons are a new generation - a prescription patterns, disrupting the functioning of an equipment and engineering (changing the structure and properties of metals and alloys, changing the parameters of combustion, etc.), as well as causing a reduction in combat capability and mobility of manpower (breaking traction, adhesives, psychotropic substances, etc.).

For a new generation of biological samples include the operation of which accelerates the destruction of the structural and other materials (for example, the structure of metals and alloys, rubbers, polymers, and transforms the fuel into jelly-like mass, etc.), as well as  causing a reduction in combat capability of manpower with lower cost.

Under the information weapon arsenal of means of unauthorized access to information and disabling the electronic control systems. It may be aimed not only at enemy soldiers, but on the whole population.

Means of information and psychological impact can not only harm the health, but also lead to blockage at the unconscious level of freedom of expression rights, the loss of the ability of the political, cultural and other identities, to manipulate public consciousness, and even destruction of united informational and spiritual space.

It is known that, historically, more weapons developed under the influence of technological progress. It must be borne in mind, although it can be assumed that not all of the above NCV weapons will appear in the first quarter of the new century.However, it is obvious: the emergence of similar prototypes raises the need to address the new challenges of protection.


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