Monday, March 21, 2011


Cannot say this is a grossly published documentary with the sole American or Western purpose to assail the Iranian regime but there occurs somewhat truth in this footage. Documentary described the evolution toward Iranian Islamic Revolution & how it can disturb the stability of Middle East in particular & Europe in general. The nuclear race that has not yet been joined by Iran can seriously damage the the already fragile friendships of Muslim countries with that of US & its allies. However, the documentary completely neglects the Israeli parameter in downplaying the real peace prospects in war-torn Middle East & not the Iran but the Israel has beforehand initiated a somewhat clandestine nuclear facilities [now well known to many].

The claims also are being produced about Iranian funding the Al Qaeda & Hamas terror groups. While the latter can be understood it’s a na├»ve assumption about Iran supporting the erstwhile foe; Sunni terrorist groups!! US ridicule the oil money is exploited by Iran to spread the extremist religious view worldwide but keeping in veil what US had slaughtered & is slaughtering much of the Latin America as well as Middle East for the very same purpose the OIL.


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