Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Libya Was Late At Modernizing Air Defense Systems


Libya's armed forces, primarily late in the modernization of air defense system, which actually made the country defenseless against air strikes and cruise missiles, the coalition forces. Lack of modern air defense systems can systematically and without any losses to air and missile strikes on Libya, the entire infrastructure of Sun (the Air Force, Army and Navy).  Air Force Libya, as well as air defense system is hopelessly outdated and can not even minimally counter fighter forces coalition.

It should be noted that Libya could become the first customer-the-art Su-35 fighters and Su-30MK. On defense systems in the negotiations with Russia, it was the purchase of several divisions of long-range guided missile system S-300PMU-2 and up to 20 short-range air defense missile system " Tor-M1 .


Purchase only those weapons systems without regard to other scheduled deliveries would provide a reliable cover most of the territory of Libya. In this case, large losses of the coalition would have been inevitable. It is not excluded that in the long term "unacceptable" losses from military operations in general would have to be abandoned.

Russia is only going to proceed to large supplies of arms of Libya, and Moscow made its way into this market in fierce competition with the leading Western European suppliers of arms, especially France and Italy, which occupied a key position in the market of Libya after the lifting of the embargo on armaments Tripoli. At the same time, Western countries over the period since the lifting of the embargo before the start of 2011 put Libya's weapons systems that are not crucial for the country's defense. This is partly explained by the fact that the sun Libya highly selective approach to the procurement of arms and of "caution," started the modernization of "secondary" weapons systems.  

Russia, of course, must make for themselves the conclusions of the Libyan developments, in particular, in the opinion TSAMTO,taking into account the fighting in Libya, will be given greater emphasis in the years 2011-2020 LG. procurement for the Russian army advanced air defense systems / defense.

Course of operations in Libya has demonstrated the importance of reliable modern air defense systems / defense for the country's defense, which could lead to further increase the demand on the world market for Russian air defense system of small, medium and long range. The high demand on the world arms market in the anti-aircraft missile system long-range S-300 to provide for their advantage over American counterparts. According to the basic combat characteristics ZRS S-300 is functionally much higher than similar U.S. air defense Patriot .

On the world market for air defense of small and medium-range represented a much larger number of competing systems and countries. However, in this segment of Russia's leadership is undeniable, as opposed to using other countries in their low-budget production complexes missiles, air-to-air missiles, or MANPADS, Russia delivers full high-tech anti-aircraft missile systems. In this context, is no coincidence that there has recently been an increased demand for SAM "Thor" and "Buk" of various models, as well as ZRPK Pantsir-S1 . Given the events in Libya, the demand for Russian complexes may further increase.


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