Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Race For The Super (~Hydrogen) Bomb

“Even if you strike first; you will perish together with the defeated side. That is the paradox.”  Soviet Air Commander

Great deal of scientists & intellectuals coming from both sides the Soviets & the Americans has taken up the task for designing the Atomic bomb & had shaped the mere written physics equation into a complex mechanized weapon that can end the life form as it occurs today. The blindness in the pursuit of power didn't stop them there but they yet have to build the weapon of virtually limitless power.

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The H-bomb was born & world leapt from Nuclear to Thermonuclear age!! The scientist on both sides having the first hand experience of the devastating effects of the weapon they had designed now leapt forward in a more humane way to advocate a Nuclear-free confrontation & to fight conventional wars. Among them the Soviet Nobel Peace prize winner Andrei Sakharov & from the US side J. Robert Oppenheimer stood upfront & even lost their professions advocating something more humane. However, Edward Teller from the US side with a more hawkish & a sinister outlook mustered every support for the build-up of a thermonuclear device. Then followed the Soviets to narrow any Atomic gap in the arms & the battle thus continued in the pursuit of not needed or more still ‘ethically unjustifiable’ weapons…



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