Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the Pressing Problems of Russian Army

by VPK News 

In mid-March at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, answering questions from senators, Chief of Ground Forces Armed Forces, Colonel-General Alexander Postnikov gave a series of assessments and conclusions. On, in particular, called "headache" for the Armed Forces of the shortening of military service by conscription. At the same time the commander in chief said that his review in the coming years are planned.

"The new military equipment, which comes from factories in the army, the army does not satisfy the price and does not meet Western standards", - said Col. Gen. Alexander Postnikov. He noted that until 2020 the Army must be at least 70 percent of new weapons and military equipment, and only 30 percent - obsolete.

Commander in chief proposed to change the status of officers beyond the state. "Only in the Army now at the disposal of 23,000 officers, which we can not dismiss for lack of apartments and forced to enroll at the disposal" - the general said.

Army Commander in Chief called for the extension of the conscription of citizens for military service before 31 August: "If earlier in the training centers were trained specialists for the troops within six months, we are now asked to prepare military personnel for three months or so within a year we have three fold increase in the number of trained professionals for the troops ... It will now be at the training centers are three sets of three months. " Combined arms brigade of the Army will be divided into three categories: heavy, medium and light, said the commander in chief.

Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov has appealed to the country's leadership with a proposal to increase the number of contractors in the Russian army. "In the Army now are 54 000, and must be over 60 thousand", - said General Postnikov. He also said that in the Northwest region of the country, in the village Pechenga will create a special brigade for operations in the Arctic.

Published in issue number 11 (377) for March 23, 2011


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