Thursday, March 24, 2011

Expert: Selling Iskander Missiles - not in the interests of Russia

For Sale Ukrainian Russian missiles Iskander not in the interests of Russia. This is the opinion editor of Moscow Defense Brief Mikhail Barabanov, commenting on previously expressed in the Ukrainian media suggested that Ukraine refuses to develop its own missile system "Peregrine Falcon" in favor of the purchase of Russian tactical Iskander. "

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As the expert noted in an interview to Ukrinform, the Ukrainian "lobby", advocating the rollback of the project "Peregrine", just realistic about the possibility, especially given the chronic shortage of funds from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. In addition, according to M. Barabanov, in establishing Yuzhnoye modern tactical missile system is not interested, neither Russia nor the Western countries.

"I understand that Russia does not like the whole idea of" Peregrine Falcon "in principle, because it is clear that it is done exclusively for" non-nuclear deterrence "of the Russian Federation. Another thing is that the chance that Ukraine will bring the project to something real very small. And the West is unlikely to be satisfied with the possession of such a complex of Ukraine, in view of the scandalous reputation of Kiev on the sale of arms to anybody, "- said Mikhail Barabanov.

According to him, even if the "Peregrine Falcon" will be created, it would be politically very problematic weapons in Ukraine. At the same time, the reality of the completion of the complex is low. "In general, I think the project unrealistic, and certainly he will not make a serious competition," Iskander ", which was made by the developer with extensive experience and worked for almost 20 years" - said the expert.


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