Thursday, March 17, 2011

Russian Helicopter Industry 2010

A peek into the Helicopter industry of Russia. In this document recent progress on various different technologies & weapon upgrades are discussed with respect to  Russian Helicopters. The following are the main industries we will learn about

  • The most important aspect is the inauguration of a domestic Russian lineage of UAVs or more still UCAVs. Talks are about the unmanned helicopters their designations their powerplants & how various models are adopted for specialized missions. Included also are the future plans for these robots babies.
  • Ka-52 Alligators are the most formidable up comers in the international scenario while discussing Helicopters. Their powerful load capacity because of the coaxial rotors & improved layouts & electronics can secure juicy export deals to the Russians.
  • Mi-28Ns are the backbone of Russian Helicopters & are mostly leveraged with the US equivalent of Apaches. However, on paper the Russian counterparts completely beat the US counters. Hunter Vs Apache [Detailed]


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