Monday, March 7, 2011

Secret Russian Aircraft of WWII

Enter the World of Russian aviation industry of 1930s & 40s. The not very often advances about the Russian aviation is exhibited in this documentary. The remarkable flying-wing designs coupled with the massive rocket power is mostly attributed to the Nazi/German aviation industry but not so fast this ain’t the case. The Russians had already designed the Jet engine; had tested beforehand rocket powered aeroplanes plus had been able to theoretically explain the significance of swept wings!!

MiG-15 as is projected a captured copy of German designs was rather the brain-child of domestic Russian scientists & had proven their worth against the Western planes in the Korean conflict. Gradual advancement in the infrastructure & freedom of speech [both attributed to the death of Stalin] had iconized many Soviet names in the history books namely Tupolev, Sukhoi, Yakovlev…

A detailed look at the Soviet Union's efforts to conquer the skies during WWII. Learn how Stalin's paranoia handicapped his brilliant engineers. See original designs that inspired later aviation breakthroughs. With his nation locked in a brutal struggle for survival, Josef Stalin carried out continual purges against perceived enemies at home, keeping Russian scientists, designers and engineers in constant fear of death or banishment to the brutal gulags. SECRET RUSSIAN AIRCRAFT OF WORLD WAR II reveals how, despite the ever-present danger, Soviet designers mastered technical hurdles astonishing even by today's standards. Rare footage, photos and plans show their creations: a swept-wing, delta aircraft design, a rocket-powered fighter, a long distance fixed-wing aircraft which helped inspire the U-2 spy plane, a flying tank prototype, a submarine-bomber combination, and a canard-wing aircraft. See which of their designs made it into production, and which inspired their successors to greater heights.




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What an idiot. The Aurora is a U.S. plane.

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