Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Grant M3 Tank - America's Answer

Reports from Europe in 1940 convinced the US that the M2A1 medium tank was obsolete - their answer was the M3, a medium tank with a 75mm weapon. An astonishing frenzy of building that included co-opting the car industry meant that the US were able to produce more than 6,000 M3s in little more than 15 months.This product is manufactured on demand using DVD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

Grant M3 never was not able to absolutely outweigh its German counterpart [Panzers & Tigers] in many terms like:

  • it was out-gunned
  • it had inferior armour
  • its main 75mm gun was placed to the right & cannot be directed over top the left without traversing
  • the high interior temperature after firing 2-3 shots becomes unbearable
  • it was too tall & provided a nice shot to the enemy anti-tank weapons & were a nice treat for the Germans who opted for a sword & shield tactic
  • the suspensions were too squeaky & the arrival of tanks can be heard from miles away & gave away the infantry positions to enemy

For weak rivals like Japanese in Burma Grant did the best seemingly because the Japanese hadn’t had any equal technology. Germans on the other hand with powerful engines & technology with respect to  tank building severely damaged [though lost to numerical superiority]  the repute of British soldiers operating in deserts of Egypt & Tunisia




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