Friday, April 1, 2011

Weapon Races: Race to Build Atomic Bomb

Nuclear science and World War II collided at the same time in history. In 1938, a few scientist were changing the molecular structure of atoms by bombarding them with neutrons. Leo Szilard was the first to realize that if an atom splits and sends out more than one neutron, the result could be a chain reaction. A massive energy release based on Albert Einstein's famous theory of relativity could come from an atom.

So who would be the first to make this super-bomb? Would it be Hitler's Germany, Japan or the United States?

The documentary as usual portrays the WESTERN BRAINS without giving due credit to the Soviet nuclear scientists especially the Andrei Sakharov, whose introduction of ‘layer cake’ design made the thermonuclear bomb much smaller to be carried by Soviet bombers all towards Central Europe & US.Green with envy


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