Saturday, April 2, 2011

BBC Cold War Episodes 1-06

Greater Resource of Modern History Research:The BBC Gives: "Cold War"
An in-depth documentary series in 24 parts

In 24 episodes, each about an hour long, we will go through every little inch of the Cold War; how it started, how it developed and how it finally came to an end.
This BBC production is above outstanding in many aspects. It is without bias, and it doesn't take any sides. It clearly sticks to facts and does not venture in to speculations or even gray areas. Narrator is Kenneth Branagh, a well-known voice that speaks clearly and with great empathy. The over all tempo of the series is well balanced and it never gets boring, slow or too fast. This is the way school should have been like! Kenneth for president!

It should be mandatory to watch these episodes before making wild claims on how the world works with all its politics and systems.You might think you already know "everything", but I can assure you, that you will have at least one major eye-opener per episode.Watch them all in one epic session (not recommended if you wish to actually remember anything) or pick your favourite episode. Maybe you participated in any of the mentioned conflicts, or maybe one of your relatives or friends did? Maybe there is some mist over certain parts of the Cold War that needs to be cleared? I’ll try to give a little introduction to each episode so you know what you are in for.Nonetheless, each and every episode is outstanding in its excellence and totally worthwhile watching. I used to see them three in a row each day.
It’s like the most thrilling and exciting reality-action-thriller-drama ever to have been created!After have seen all 24 parts, I must say I have a much clearer picture on how our world have come to be the way it is today. Many question marks have been straightened out and I have ridden myself of many mis- and preconceptions on the USA, the Soviet Union, the Communist system, the Vietnam War and many, many other hallmark events during our eventful 20th century.
What I fancy the most in this production is the vast material of interviews. We get to hear opinions, testimonials and tales from presidents and statesmen, ex-presidents, peasants, guerrilla warriors, soldiers, writers and poets, politicians, victims, victors, freedom fighters and all in between. I can’t figure out how they found some of the people. Sometimes, it is just a faint face in the corner of some old photograph. Still, they went through great lengths to find them and hear them out.
So please, sit down comfortably, have some snacks (be warned thought, there is some extremely explicit material at times) and suck in this massive load of class A documentary material like the information absorbing sponges that you are!
Have a nice trip through time!


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