Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tales Of The Gun - Japanese Guns of WWII


When Japan entered World War II, their soldiers were armed with pride, a sense of invincibility and an arsenal of clumsy and outdated weapons. JAPANESE GUNS OF WWII visits weapons collections and museums for an up-close look at the arsenal that contributed to the empire's ultimate defeat. Compared to those wielded by the Allies, the Japanese firearms were underpowered, unreliable and over-complicated. As experts reveal, they were just one example of Japan's arrogant belief that the tools and tactics that had taken them to victory against colonial enemies would reprise their success in this far greater conflict. They could not have been more wrong.

The documentary unveils the excessive weaknesses in the antiquated gunnery of the Japanese. They preferred valor over the technology in he era where technology is the ideology!! Having succeeded in China, Manchuria & even defeating Soviets in 1905 the Japanese blindly believe in their deities; & not cared to upgrade weapons for half a century…


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