Thursday, April 7, 2011

National Geographic Megastructures Super Copters

Since their breakthrough invention decades after the airplane, helicopters have been vital - used for surveillance, rescue and as a weapon of war. The latest super copters are one of an advanced breed of machines - built to fly fast and silently to places helicopters could never go before, even to the reaches of inner space. Incredible technology is making these super copters much more impervious to attack, with Kevlar and other advanced composite materials strengthening the body - while keeping it lightweight. Using live action, re-creations, amazing archival footage and advanced CGI, we marvel at the creation of today's 'super copters' - extraordinary multipurpose helicopters for the twenty-first century.

In the brief but brilliant “Age of the Helicopter,” there have been many contenders for the title of “Super Copter.” The CH-47 Chinook, the UH-1 “Huey,” which transformed the very nature of warfare in Vietnam, and Eurocopter’s Ecureuil AS350, which has carried out some of the highest altitude rescues in history. But one of the newest copters that brings it all home is the EH101. Recently chosen to be the next “Marine One”—the Presidential Helicopter, the EH101, will be specially outfitted as the new Oval Office in the sky. It was a tight race with Sikorsky’s S-92, and the competition between the two copters isn’t over yet. Though the EH101 is the president’s vehicle of choice, both of these state-of-the-art flying machines are now vying for a multi-billion dollar contract to supply the U.S. Air Force with their new generation of search and rescue helicopters.


Wow, this is embarrassing. Didn't exactly turn out very "super" did it?

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