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Fifty Years of Soviet Aircraft Construction-Featured

Alexander Yakovlev (March 19 (April 1) 1906, . Moscow - August 22, 1989, . Moscow) - Soviet aircraft, . Colonel General of Aviation (1946), . Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1976), . Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, . tenfold Commander of the Order of Lenin, . Member of USSR Armed Forces in 1946-1989, . referent Stalin on aviation.,




Who theoretically explained the ‘spin’, make it possible to analyze the forces & moments acting on the aircraft & who find out the best ways to pull out the aircraft out of spin?? Who theoretically computed flutter, compressibility & heating effects & what not?? Soviets had tons of paperwork over universally every aspect of aviation when the West were just starting to understand the lift theory alone!!

Author's foreword: This brief outline of the development of aircraft construction in the Soviet Union during the fifty years of Soviet power does not claim to be a comprehensive and profound analysis of the building up of the Soviet aircraft industry. The author assumed a more limited task: to describe the main stages in the progress of aircraft construction by showing the technical growth of scientific and design thinking of Soviet designers from the October Revolution to the present.

  • The victories in aviation, achieved by the Soviet Union, are of fundamental importance. They are the result of practicing Leninist policy of industrialization which ensures that the USSR will be technically & economically independent of the capitalistic world.
  • The heritage of the Czarist has nothing but poverty. The soviet people had to build the aircraft industry anew so that it would be  worthy of a great country & correspond to military & economic needs. And such an industry was created!!
  • Between 1914 & 1917 about 200 hydroplanes were built. There were no such planes in other countries.
  • As the rebuilding of the economy progressed the creation of aviation became national concern. There were mottos "Working men, build an air fleet!" "Proletarian, into the airplane!"
  • At the time Iranian Government issued the tender for reconnaissance plane for the Iranian Airforce. In competition flights R-5 won first place, outstripping the best British,  French & Dutch Planes..
  • Rocket propulsion integration with the planes, missiles & the creation of swept wing as well as flying-wing designs as wrongly attributed to German were in fact the brainchild of Russian engineers & Scientists.

….& much more in the following Full Text:

Aircraft Design & related performance tables….greatly simplify understanding Soviet Designs evolutions:


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