Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Secret War On Terror


9/11 ushered in a secret war against al-Qaida that was to test West’s commitment to human rights to the limit!!

President Bush wanted to deny any prison rights vis a vis by Geneva convention to any al-Qaida suspects….Washington wanted results & CIA was told to get results any way they get them.

Enhanced Interrogation Techniques to deal with Pakistani captured terrorist namely Abu Zubayda extremely defamed the CIA & such extortions didn't bore any results as was already predicted by FBI interrogators who had dealt with Zubayda in a more Eastern manner to get answers to ever-lasting questions. These form of inhumane techniques such as water boarding; injections; sleep deprivations were disapproved by FBI who along with the MI5 didn't participate in any such non-legislative activity.

Viewers will be amazed to know that back in Guantanamo bay soldiers & investigators bought DVDs of reality shows to grasp ideas of ruthless torture. This torture was not limited to US but prisoners can also be sent to Syria/Morocco or Pakistan for a much higher form of extortion.

It has been alleged that Pakistani intelligence & the army over the coarse of last 3-4 decades has been an incubator & a mid-wife of more international terrorists & jihadi organizations than any other. They have introduced Jihadi Frankstein for their own national agenda.

Drone attacks are termed as state sponsored assassination tactic. Pakistan president Musharraf has denied of any covert/over treaty too allow drone attack to occur within Pakistan boundaries…The western usual rant about precision strike is nothing but hideous way to veil the failures & the collateral damage usually accompanied by drone attacks which further fuel the anger & resilient against US & its allies. II has been acknowledged: Drones only work if you have good human intelligence on the ground..Bruce Riedel CIA Officer

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