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Chechen Muslim Comrade-Follow Quran & Prophet

by Usman Abdullaev

Today, an increasingly important role in the life of Russian society, and therefore the army is the religious factor. Your thoughts on this subject with the readers of "military-industrial complex" has already shared the chairman of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church in cooperation with the Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies, archpriest Dimitry Smirnov. This newspaper editorial provides a word of Muslim theology (Ulema*) Usman Utsievichu Abdullayev. He graduated from the Islamic spiritual institution in Damascus (Syria), and, despite his youth, took the high office of the Deputy Mufti of the Chechen Republic, the head of the department of religion of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims (DUM) in Chechnya. Usman Abdullayev is also one of spiritual mentors head Ramzan Kadyrov. Often met with soldiers of the battalion "North" and "South", comprising the 46th brigade of Interior Ministry troops of Russia, he knows firsthand what problems today have to face many commanders in dealing with personnel.

It is no secret that among soldiers who violate military discipline, committing crimes, a large proportion of Muslim soldiers.Than can be explained? What role Islam plays in the life of a true Muslim, who has put on shoulder straps?

- For some reason to assume that Muslim soldiers are much more in the percentage of violators of military discipline. If this is true, it is a regrettable fact. As far as I know, by the soldiers of Chechen any serious breaches of military discipline, there is no crime. At least to us in DUM CR none of the commanders did not apply for help, and we are sure it would do. If such facts are somewhere in there, then to understand the reason why this is happening, we must first understand how here is the fault of soldier,and how of his commanders. Indeed, often discipline problems caused by lack of control by the officers. Therefore, one way to solve the problem, I believe, is to increase the role and authority of commanders among subordinates.

Contrary to popular belief for a real soldier, a Muslim valid statute is not a hindrance, because there is no any contradiction with Islam. I did not say: "Sin, drink alcohol, eat pork and so on."Therefore, every Muslim is obliged to comply with the requirements of the statute properly.Warrior-Muslim must also remember that the military unit, where he served - is not a mosque, and not a debating society, and therefore require some privileges for themselves are unreasonable. After all, it does not seek to attract his colleagues - Christians, Jews or Buddhists, although there may be more religious people. I know that in some parts, as in the battalion "North" and "South" is a beautiful mosque, where prayers are performed, prayers to the Almighty. But mosques or prayer rooms  should not be cause for dissatisfaction. After all, the main purpose of military service - protecting the homeland, and his faith are Russian citizens, people of all faiths and nationalities, serving in the army must keep first and foremost in my heart, and Allah will see it.

I want to say and that any Muslim, no matter where he is studying, working or is always obliged to obey their elders, chiefs. The Quran says: "Follow the Qur'an, follow the Prophet (peace be upon him), follow the one who leads you." It's a direct reference to the soldiers who owe obedience to their commanders, to carry out their lawful orders and instructions. And what is the nationality, religion of chief commander soldiers must not care? As this is the will of Allah and the Muslim is obliged to obey her.

It is important to remember that in Islam – apart from the five pillars of faith; obedience and respect for elders, storage honor both your own and their neighbors, regardless of their religion or race. A real Muslim if he wants to please Allah, shall comply with such order. If he is at peace, then world around him will be. Our beloved Prophet said wonderful words: "Not one of you truly believes, until you wish for others what you wish for yourself."

For the same reason, a Muslim should not consider themselves above or better than others, boasting something, haughty nor to co-workers, fellow believers, let alone before the representatives of any particular religion or nationality.

But why did the military have Muslims, who do not meet the requirements of the statutes? What you need, and you can take in order to rectify the situation?

-Unfortunately, we once missed issues of upbringing, which led to the collapse of the country and the tragedy of the 90's. Now we must relearn how to show mutual tolerance for each other: to be softer, kinder, try to ignore the bad in another person, pay more attention to his mistakes in his inner world.

People are all equal and at the same time all different - that's God. Who do not accept, is the fool. The Quran says: "There is no difference between Arabs and non-Arabs, between slave and free." Different people should be unique in the degree of piety. "Who is more afraid of God, the best of you" - said our Prophet. The man who fears God, listen to your Creator, is incapable of evil acts – that is the main sense of religious, spiritual transformation of the world. Manifestation of the arrogance and contempt for others - it is a disease of the soul and requires appropriate treatment.

Similarly, the other bad character traits is a manifestation of our passions, which crawl out.Here they just need to declare a merciless jihad. With the bad habits and inclinations easier to fight someone who has shame and conscience. A man who has lost all shame and conscience, likens himself an animal. Such people our Prophet said: "If you are shameless, do what you want!". Accountable for their shameful actions, such people will still be held before the Almighty, on the Doom’s Day.

Probably the most keenly in the army is the problem of selfish crimes committed by officials. What can you say about this?

- Theft, embezzlement, bribery - is primarily a problem of morality and conscience of the patient. But it is useless to convince the unbeliever that the theft - a major sin! His God – his own self-interest, which would lead his soul to eternal damnation. Believer easier. Until it is easier to reach and he can repent.

I want to say that Islam does not share and does not mitigate the blame for the fact that Muslim illegally usurped someone else's good: it be private or public. There is no such that somewhere might be mismanaged property. He always has a boss. It does not occur such, that somewhere there can be the mismanaged property. It always has an owner. Islam categorically forbids stretching hands behind others property that do not belong to you. And if still a Muslim committed a theft, he took something alien, we must quickly recover stolen master and repent of this sin before God. If the return does not work, you need to repair the damage and ask him whom you offended by this action, forgiveness, no matter - he is a Muslim or not. Allah has not created us all equal! Our Prophet Mohammed has long lived among people of different nationalities and faiths, and never did not take someone else property and did not allow to do this to his disciples.

Chechens are many people who lived the same way and who taught others. One of the most famous -  Kunta-Haji Kishiev, who has had an enormous influence on the Chechen society, helped them to survive, and survive in difficult times for the people. He lived in the middle of the 19th century, at one time with Imam Shamil, but in contrast to his aggressive (Jihadi) policies; Haji Kishiev, exercised utmost wisdom, acting as a true peacemaker. He said: "Want to love of Allah - like justice. Wish your brother the same thing he wishes for himself. Pray to Allah that you are not stuck to anything produced from a strange labor. Overcome evil with kindness and love; greed with generosity; treachery with sincerity. Be merciful, humble, willing to sacrifice. You are responsible for many, if your spirit is reinforced by Islam, for your whole life - this is the way to God - Tariqa ** ".

And what Kunta-Haji said to the Chechens, who nevertheless took up arms?

Dispose of anything that resembles a war unless the enemy does not come to rob your faith and honor; your power, intelligence, patience, and fairness. The enemy does not resist this force and eventually concede defeat. Nobody is able to overpower us and our truth, if we will not deviate from the path of their faith. Do not argue with the authorities, do not try to replace it with another. All power is from God. Allah knows best what kind of power, where and for what purpose set. The government before the Almighty is a separate report. Do not be tempted apparently by prestige of power. Our Tariqa is much higher, for earthly power is intended to address mainly terrestrial affairs. Earthly life resembles the salty water: the more you drink it, the more thirst increases.Soothe your soul in Tariqah. Calm the soul, striving to God - the eternal joy and happiness. "

With these same words of our great countryman, I would like to appeal to those wayward brothers, who with arms still hiding in the woods, raise to your co-religionists. Do the current government forces you to renounce the faith of ancestors or threatens you with loss of honor? Distorted our faith are the foreigners, the Wahhabis, who lead you astray. It is they who made you confused, obscure your mind, & had deprived you from common sense! Last spring, the Supreme Council of Ulema of Saudi Arabia officially declared all acts of terrorism, who hide behind Islam, as ungodly.

At the end of the soul I want to wish all the troops Muslim piety, tolerance, sincerity. More to read the Koran, the Sunna***, especially Kunta-Haji Kishieva, and this means - to seek peace, truth, God, that is, be it a real warrior. Special wishes to my countrymen, soldiers of the battalion "North" and "South", comprising the 46th Brigade of internal troops. I have no doubt that there are the best sons of the Chechen people, the true patriots of their motherland and true Muslims. I urge you all to cherish high rank soldiers of law, advocates beloved homeland.

* Holy, righteous

** The path of knowing God

*** Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings & actions


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