Monday, April 18, 2011

Libya-Electronic Warfare Defeated SAMs

In the air strikes on Libya, the United States first used the latest electronic warfare aircraft EA-18G Growler. According to Western military, thanks largely to him, no American, French or British plane was shot down a Libyan air defenses.

EA-18G Growler


According to Vice-Admiral Bill Gortney, aircraft EA-18G Growler production of Boeing's providing "electronic support" operations in Libya. This is the first combat mission electronic warfare aircraft-Growler.

As noted by Bill Gortney, Growler, not only coped with the Libyan missile surface to air, but also helped the rebels to repulse attacks by the Army of the Libyan Government. Apparently, EA-18G Growler was able to suppress the communication of government troops and completely paralyze the modern mobile anti-aircraft missile systems “Crotale” and "Wasp" , who survived the missile attacks "Tomahawk" . Merit EA-18G Growler confirm their intention to leave in the Libyan sky to prevent any possible missile attacks on coalition aircraft.

The first F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter was transformed into the plane Growler electronic warfare in 2007 In 2011, the command of the Navy to accelerate the production of new generation electronic warfare aircraft and plans to give them special abilities like the ability to infect a computer virus network command and control of the enemy. The Pentagon intends to use in Libya multirole fighter F-22. The first combat use of the fifth generation fighter will assess his capabilities as part of a large aviation groups, including electronic reconnaissance planes and electronic warfare RC-135 and EC-130H.



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